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Limited Company Working Capital Loans Up To £500,000

Because you want the best for your limited company, you need healthy working capital in order to invest in vital business activity. Sometimes companies simply do not have the funds. This may mean the company needs to apply for a loan which can cause the business owner to be responsible if late payments are made or if repayments are unable to be met altogether.

Limited companies often apply for loans so that they can use the essential business finance for things like hiring new staff, advertising campaigns, ordering of bulk stock and so on. Applying for a ltd company working capital loan is necessary in some instances because of an unexpected bill or payment, which has caused the company cash flow issues.

Limited Company Working Capital Loans Up To £500,000

However, there are other ltd company working capital options other than applying for the traditional bank loan.

One such option is the limited company working capital loan from Capify. What is particularly attractive about this loan is that you repay it on a daily basis giving you tighter control over your cashflow.

A repayment schedule is worked out between you andCapify, and everything is very transparent so you know exactly what you are paying and when you are paying it.

Limited Company Working Capital Loans Up To £500,000

This transparent and innovative way of lending means that many small and medium-sized limited companies are able to gain access to vital working capital, without the worry of monthly repayments or late fees.

Funds are also available within days of approval so no mountains of paperwork or in person meetings to attend. This means that you are able to act quickly if you are looking to seize a particular business opportunity when it presents itself.

As a business owner, you can also renew the business loan after you have paid back a certain percentage of the original loan.

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