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Funds Released Within Days Of Approval

Sometimes it’s necessary for a business to take out an emergency business loan. They might have an unexpected bill which weakens their cash flow or they may be approached with a business opportunity that is too good to miss.

Unfortunately people don’t always have the money to hand, and asking the banks for help is becoming more and more difficult.

Not only do the banks have strict payment terms and conditions, but meeting all the criteria is near on impossible. Even if you are the ideal business in their eyes, the application process is often long and drawn out and the funds can take weeks to be placed into your account.

However, there are other ways that you can get an emergency business loan without worrying about inflexible repayments and strict application processes.

What is Capify?

Capify can offer finance with a difference. Whether you need the funds to take advantage of a business opportunity, purchase or repair essential equipment, buy out a business partner or make other business plans, you can gain fast access to funds with our innovative finance solutions.

Raise £3,500-£500,00 within days of applying

Money can be transferred into your chosen account in just a few days and because it is paid back in daily amounts, you can easily keep track of your business’ cash flow. This is vital for many small businesses that need to retain tight control over their finances.

Repayments for the business loan are collected directly from your chosen bank account on a daily basis so all you need to do is make sure funds are available.

What’s more, the application process is quick and simple, and can be conducted online.

Capify’s business loan is an ideal finance solution for any company who has big ideas and wants to grow their business to meet the demands of the market. If you’ve put refurbishment or expansion plans on hold, don’t hesitate to get your quick quote today and find out in 60 seconds what we can do for you and your business.

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