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Capify Fundraising

We really care about every single person that works for Capify and has helped to make the business a success. Here, we celebrate our employees – new and old – and all the great things that they have achieved.

Dan Rigby - Head of Sales

Dan Rigby is new to the Capify office. He’s joined the team as Head of Sales so he’s responsible for getting everyone pumped in the morning – and making sure they stay that way until the end of the day.

Dan has a history of helping sales teams to reach their potential, and he has lots of exciting new ideas to introduce.

Welcome to the team Dan!

Gerald O'Keefe - Internal Promotion

Gerald O’Keefe, despite only working at the company since 2017, is a truly committed employee. He’s a great people-person and always has the office in stitches. He’s also a fantastic motivator, and that’s why he was chosen for an internal promotion.

Gerald started at Capify as an Account Executive and he has now been given the role of Sales Manager with his own team to nurture and grow.

Gail Taylor - 5 years

Gail Taylor is one of Capify’s most cheeky, bubbly and positive employees.

She started in 2013 as an Account Executive, and has since become a trainer to all new staff members. In June she celebrated 5 years at the company. She’s a fantastic asset to the office and a wonderful person to work with!

Thank you for the dedication and hard-work Gail.

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