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Owning a retail business is a constant challenge, and it can be increasingly frustrating for retailers to achieve what they want from their business without the necessary funding available. Particularly as banks continue to refuse many small businesses the funds they require to continue advancing and developing.

Raise between £3,500 and £500,000

The retail industry demands variety, constantly developed products, and the means to meet consumers’ needs. It’s quite possible you know your business isn’t providing these things in the way you want, but you’re blocked from doing anything about it because of your limited funds. There are alternative options out there, however. A Capify business loan allows you to raise between £3,500 and £500,000 in a few short days. With the means to increase your stock, refurbish interiors, or even begin expanding your existing retail business into a chain, your retail business could achieve great things and grow exponentially with just a small injection of funds.

Your business needs to process at minimum of £7,000 every month through your corporate bank account, for you to easily qualify for a Capify alternative business loan. Your retail business can then raise a maximum of 75% of your average monthly turnover, giving you the means to start transforming your business.

The flexible repayment options are what make the Capify business loan so favourable for small business owners. For example, if you turnover £20,000 a month, you could raise at least £15,000 in funds. Capify will then collect fixed, manageable, daily amounts over a period of 5-12 months, until the loan is repaid. The daily repayments are fixed and consistent, so you’ll be able to develop your retail business without worrying about affording repayments.

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