Working Mums Have More Successful Children
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Working Mums Have More Successful Children

Women often find it difficult to juggle their work and home life. Many find themselves trying to decide whether to care for their child full time or go back into employment and lead a successful career.

It’s tempting to ditch the job after bringing a beautiful (and needy) baby into the world but according to oneplusone, “since 1951 the number of UK mothers in employment has more than tripled and the latest figures show that 68% of women with children are now working.”

Unfortunately, lots of females who have opted to do both (work and a family) have confessed that they feel guilt. They feel like they are letting down their child by leaving them with a minder or missing a school play. However, what if working mothers all around the world were told this emotion doesn’t need to be felt? What if, by working, mums are actually helping their children have a better future?

According to a study by the Harvard Business School, that is exactly what’s happening.


The study suggests that working women bring up more successful daughters. The findings propose that girls with working mums are more likely to hold supervisory positions and earn more money than those who have been brought up by stay at home mothers.

However, something to bear in mind – as they grow older these girls are less likely to keep up with housework. Hopefully they should have moved out of your home by this point though, so it shouldn’t affect you too much!


Sons aren’t as much affected by their mothers having a full-time job although it was found that they would turn out to be more caring towards family members. This is an attitude that I’m sure any mother would be proud of.

Mother and Boy Working- Resized

If you’re a mum who really wants to work but aren’t sure what path to take, why not start your own business? This is an option that more and more people are opting to do because it gives them complete freedom over working hours, meaning they can balance their time in whatever way they like. Although it may seem tough, if you have a good idea, why not share it with the world.

One business owner mother, Natalie Angelillo says in, “There is enough guilt to go around for any parent, so I make a conscious effort to let it go and focus on the positives. I may have a hectic schedule, and, as a result, my children are learning how to be independent and self-reliant. They are getting an inside look at how a startup works, by testing our app and coming into the office, which I know will benefit them in the long-term.”

So, next time your running late to pick your daughter up from school, or worried that your son is spending more time with his grandparents than you, just remember that it’s likely they will grow up to be successful and kind human beings. It’s a good feeling knowing that you can financially support your children whilst achieving your own ambitions and goals.

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