Womens Retailer? It’s Time to Get Ready for Spring
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Womens Retailer? It’s Time to Get Ready for Spring

Spring is almost upon us…

It feels like only yesterday that we were wrapped up in our winter warmers celebrating Christmas and now it’s nearly time to get our Spring attire out. Great news for all you fashion retailers out there.

But are you ready for the Seasonal Rush?

It’s officially Spring on March 20th, just one week before Easter. A lot of people will have that long bank holiday weekend off and many will be rushing straight to the shops. Due to our improved economy, more people want to spend their hard earned money and with a change in season approaching, this is the perfect opportunity.

According to an article in the Daily Telegraph, “Footfall at Easter last year (2014), which was on April 20, was 6.4pc lower than in 2013, when the bank holiday fell on March 31. That was 6.9pc higher than Easter 2012, which fell on April 8.” This is a great indication that the earlier Easter falls, the better it is for retailers.

In order to get your business ready for Spring you need to look at new stock purchases. But what are the top women’s trends for Spring/Summer 2016?

1) According to elle flat shoes will be ‘in’… Yes! Although heels look flattering, they certainly don’t feel it so I’m sure lots of women will be happy about this trend. If you own a shoe shop, consider ordering in some popular yet comfy styles, loafers have been big this year and sandals are always a Spring favourite.

Lots of people will take up jogging and sports as the evenings get lighter so you should get in some products for those looking for shoes that are comfortable, stylish and durable! Nike trainers are an ever-popular brand. Why not also sell some healing plasters at your till to make a few extra sales, breaking in some new shoes can sometimes be a painful ordeal so help people make the process smoother.

Trainer- Resized

2) When we think of Spring, blue skies and sunshine jumps to mind. However, we don’t always get the weather that’s expected. Although we (hopefully) no longer need big thick coats, jumpers are still a staple feature of any wardrobe. According to elle, knits will be popular so make sure you offer lots of different colours and styles.

3) Apparently, Gingham is going to be big this Spring. When you’re purchasing new stock, keep an eye out for this bold pattern. It doesn’t have to be the stereotypical print either, top stylists are saying the bigger the better! By putting fashionable and eye catching patterns in your shop window, people will be drawn inside to have a closer look.

If you stay informed about popular trends, you will be able to talk to your customers about them which will make you seem knowledgeable and someone worth going to again.

4) Orange, a bright and bold colour, will be featured heavily on clothes this Spring! Keep your eye out for different garments that you can buy encompassing this colour. You can dot them around your shop to make it feel cheerful, rather than using blacks and burgundy that we associate with the colder months.

If you want to be extra creative, look out for clothes that include two trends. An orange jumper or gingham pattern- double the greatness!

5) Finally, the beginning of Spring is the perfect opportunity to start organising sales! You’ll have lots old winter stock that you need to get rid of in order to make way for new items. Make sure you advertise that these clothes will be cheaper so people know where to head in order to get a bargain. Social media is a great way of attracting new and existing customers.

Buying in seasonal stock can be expensive but it’s also completely necessary, especially for women’s retailers. If you want to start getting your Spring and Summer collection ready, Capify could provide you with £3,500-£500,000 in business finance. We help lots of businesses prepare for busy periods and our money is often spent on stock, refurbishments and expanding. If you would like to find out more about our lending options click here, or apply online.