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Why Your Business Should Move To ‘The Cloud’

‘Moving to the cloud’ sounds almost fairy-tale like, however it’s a journey that people really are taking every day. Cloud computing involves people leaving their work, photos, and any other data, on a system which is seemingly floating above our heads, however, its actually multiple huge servers stored in warehouses all around the world. In today’s cyber-era where technology is a huge part of everyone’s daily lives, making this move will undeniably change your business for the better. It’s a step forward that people need to do sooner rather than later.

Here are just a few benefits that come from moving to the ‘cloud.’

You can access work from anywhere

… Well as long as there’s an internet connection.

When you work via the cloud, or save work here- you will be able to access it from wherever you are, and on almost every device. If you decide you want to have a look at a spreadsheet completed earlier in the day, but you’re now sitting on a sofa in front of Coronation Street, with the cloud it’s no problem. You can whip out your Ipad, sign in and BOOM there it is. Magic. You also have the chance to edit this, and once again you can save it ready to view again the next day in a different location. It stops people having to work via memory sticks, and sending email attachments.

Employees can access it

Anyone can access the cloud providing they have their own login. It’s used by people of all ages, from all backgrounds, in all occupations and for all reasons- so it’s likely that your employees will have heard of it prior to being in your workforce. If you tell them which type of cloud to sign up too, whether it’s Google Drive, Dropbox or iCloud then they will be able to receive anything you decide to share. This can be great for SME’s who have a fairly small workforce with staff that don’t generally have regular hours. You could create a timetable and hand it out via the cloud that can be easily updated every month with peoples new hours. It’s a simple way for individuals to keep on track of their work, and again, being able to access it from anywhere is a huge benefit. As an example, someone may be confused about when their next shift is, but with the power of a mobile phone and 3G, they could check the cloud whether their on a bus into town, sat in a park with friends, or having a meal out with loved ones. The convenience is undisputable.

 Unlimited storage

Although it may come at a cost, the cloud has the potential to offer unlimited storage. This means that no matter how many business plans are stored on it, no matter how many spreadsheets, family photos, and timetables, you will never run out of space. Think of a world where all of your documents are located in one easy to access place- which you can view at any point. It’s so handy and saves a lot of time organising and managing desktops and hardrives.

It could potentially be free

There are also free versions, which you can easily sign up for after a quick search on google. The only limitation is that they hold less data and can be less secure too… so it really depends what you want to use it for. If you want to house your whole business on there, this may not be the best option. However, for employees who will only utilise it for a few folders- it could be great.

It could be potentially more secure

If you’re used to getting the train to work every day, carrying a briefcase which holds a memory stick full of your important documents, and you somehow lose it- this could be devastating. It’s never good when something personal gets into the wrong hands. According to a quote featured on Salesforce, “8,000 laptops are lost each year in airports alone”. However, with the cloud all your work is automatically stored in one place, and as long as you take the common security precautions such as coming up with a complicated password that only you know, it should be safe. It doesn’t matter whether your computer breaks, gets lost or has a virus- you will still be able to access everything from another device.

Dropbox in particular has some great security benefits for businesses, you can set expiry dates and passwords for any shared file, this means that if you want to restrict a user from viewing it then you can. As an article on Engadget puts it, “contractors won’t get to peak at that big company report once their work is done.”


Most clouds will save your documents automatically, this may not seem something to shout about- but it is. Think about how many times your heart has missed a beat because the document you’ve been working on for what seems like forever- and which wasn’t saved- crashes on the screen in front of you. Sometimes you can retrieve snippets, but it’s almost never the whole thing. This is the worst feeling in the world, but it can be abolished by creating documents and spreadsheets on the cloud.

There are so many perks that come from utilising these servers, especially for SME’s. If you would like any funding so that you can implement cloud computing in your business, and pay for unlimited storage- contact Capify. We provide finance to Limited Companies all over the UK. We could offer you anywhere between £3,500-£500,000 so that you can improve and grow your business. Find out more here, or get a quote.