Why your business needs a post-lockdown plan.
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Why your business needs a post-lockdown plan.

Preparing your post-lockdown business plan  

The government has announced significant changes to its coronavirus guidance, beginning the first phase of easing the UK’s lockdown restrictions. These changes are part of a three-phase strategy aimed at helping employers reopen their businesses safely and begin to restart the UK economy.

On Monday 25 May, Boris Johnson announced that most non-essential high street shops, department stores and shopping centres across England could reopen from 15 June, once they are COVID-19 secure and can show they can follow social distancing guidelines. This means that outdoor markets and car showrooms will be able to open from 1 June and all other non-essential retail including clothing stores, toy, book, shoe, furniture and electronic shops and indoor markets, will be expected to open from 15 June, if the Governments five tests are met and they follow the COVID-19 secure guidelines.

However, it’s essential to carefully consider the changes you’ll have to make in order to reopen safely and effectively. Businesses will only be able to open from these dates once they have completed a risk assessment, in consultation with trade union representatives or workers and are confident they are managing risk.

Failing to plan, is planning to fail 

While there are still vast amounts of uncertainty and things continue to evolve and change, now is the time to think about how your business might look in a post-lockdown world. Sketching out a plan for your business will be an essential task to help guide your decision making and the earlier you start, the better.

The government has made it clear that its reopening plan is reliant on the coronavirus infection rate continuing to decrease and that they will continue to amend the plan as necessary. Therefore, when you begin planning, it is key to remain up to date with the latest government updates and guidance and keep flexibility in mind. Reopening your business will need to go hand-in-hand with the government’s plans for schools, public transport, testing and access to PPE.

You’ll need to be prepared for your plans to change and evolve. By thinking about the practical issues and significant changes to your business, you will be better prepared for all possible outcomes.

This means considering and evaluating five critical areas of your business, which are:

  1. Finance
  2. Employees
  3. Customers
  4. Premises and Equipment
  5. Stock

A business reopening plan doesn’t need to be a formal or lengthy document. It’s more important to make sure you have a clear idea of what your business might look like once you reopen. Write down the basics and cover the things you’re confident about or can make an educated guess on and you’ll find that a plan will begin to form.

Download Capify’s Life after Lockdown planning guide

So how do you plan for the future of your business? To help get things underway, we’ve put together a summary of the key things you should consider when planning for post-pandemic recovery. You can download our full guide here.


For all the latest information on Covid-19 and the measures the Government, and Devolved Governments, are taking, please visit the UK Government website, the Scottish Government website, the Welsh Government website or the Northern Irish Government website

The future is still very uncertain, but it’s clear that the post-lockdown world will be very different from what we once knew as normal, and businesses will need to adapt in several ways.