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Why Wait? Now is the Time to Grow Your Business

Lots of business owners have plans to grow their business “at some point”, but it’s easy to press pause. It could be a refurbishment, investing in a marketing campaign, or staff training – if it costs money, it can feel like a bit of a risk. 

Excuses are easy to find too. Brexit, cash flow, the disruption it could cause to close down for a couple of days! It’s all worth thinking about, but you can’t expect to grow if you’re standing still. There are loads of benefits to putting your growth plans in place right now.

Attract more customers willing to spend money with you

The ultimate goal has got to be attracting more customers with money to spend. That’s priority number one whatever your industry.

Customers are attracted to lots of different things – competitive prices, best quality, a unique environment, 5-star reviews, and loads more. They want you to give them reasons to buy. 

You can’t do everything at once, but you can invest in the things you feel are going to have the biggest impact – what do your customers care about?

A fresh interior that’s more practical and efficient

Renovation and refurbishment isn’t all about paint colours and fancy leather chairs. A smart refurbishment will make the best use of customer space, give you and your team room to work, and make passing people want to spend time with you.

Salons could install more chairs and mirrors to treat more clients. Restaurateurs could invest in more efficient kitchen equipment and get dishes out faster. Renovation should be practical and look great too.

Improve your products and services with the best staff training

Knowledge and skills are everything in the service businesses. Whatever you do or sell, quality and delivery is really important. 

If your team’s training helps them grow, your business will too. They’ll be able to produce even better dishes with fancier culinary techniques, they can use brand new equipment, and they’ll be trained to help with accounts and admin too. 

Enter a new market and attract a whole new audience

If you’ve made the most of sales opportunities in your current market, there are always other markets and groups of customers to reach for. Your restaurant could hugely benefit from expanding into online deliveries, a cookery school, and even spin-off products. 

One of our clients, Salmon Kings, a successful market stall in Bolton, used Capify funding to establish a new range of meals and burgers. As well as giving their existing customers the same top quality fresh fish, they could attract new buyers with new products too. They’ve been a massive hit since 1996, and they’re only getting bigger!

Ready to grow? Now’s the time to do it. Our finance products are flexible and affordable – you could raise from £3,500 to over £500,000 for your business and get the cash in days. Repayments are easy and affordable too – we only get paid when you do! 

Get a quick quote now and find out how much you could raise.

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