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How exhibitions & trade shows can boost your business

Whether you’re exhibiting or attending, trade shows can be a huge opportunity for growth and learning. The costs can be relatively high, depending on how far you travel and how big your booth, but the benefits can be huge.

Be the first to see industry innovations

Trade shows are usually where new products and technologies get their debut. By attending, you’ll be the first to see them and show your interest. For particularly popular products, It’s not uncommon for waiting lists to be filled within a couple of days at a trade show.

All innovations will be developed with either the customer or business in mind, so it’s in your best interest to learn about the tools which can make your operations easier and faster.

See what your competitors are getting up to

Depending on the type of trade show you attend, you’re likely to spot your competitors. This doesn’t have to be a negative exercise, because every business has a particular niche to fill, but it will highlight what you could learn from them. Trade show marketing is an entire industry in itself, so by spotting what they’re missing or not doing quite so well, you can start to develop your own approach.

Listen to international speakers

The trade show floor isn’t the only place to learn from others, the roster of speakers, workshops and presenters is a massive benefit of attending. The larger trade shows will have packed schedules of speakers with impressive credentials, but if you’re exhibiting yourself you’ll struggle to make time for both. If the guest list is the most interesting part of the programme, go as an attendee instead of an exhibitor so you can take it all in.

Reach a huge audience

There are very few scenarios where your potential customers are walking around in front of you for 2 or 3 days. The money you spend on exhibiting, bringing staff, and preparing marketing materials is well worth it if you can generate valuable sales and gather leads that become long-term sales.

With so many guests, it’s easy to think you should try to appeal to as many as possible. Don’t lose sight of your core offering and your target audience – you can still be specific.

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