Which review sites are the best for my small business?
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Which review sites are the best for my small business?

The importance of business reviews  can’t be understated. Customers want to know who you are, what other people think of you, and whether they’re going to get a good deal, so being on at least one trustworthy review site is really important.

Here’s everything you need to know about some of the best review sites before you start uploading photos and asking for reviews.


Probably the biggest online review site, Trustpilot attracts over 56 million reviews and over 265,000 businesses. You’ll be in good company – big brands like Staples, WordPress, and Western Union are already on here.

Who’s it for? Pretty much any business, from pet sitters to energy companies and more.

How does scoring work? Out of 10. The more 5-star reviews you get, the closer you’ll be to getting 10/10.

Good stuff:

  • The essential review checking features are free.
  • Customers trust it.
  • It’s a great way to stand out in Google search.

Not so good stuff: If you want any of the fancier extras, they cost $299+ per month (billed for the whole year!)


Checking TripAdvisor is now an essential first step for customers before they book a restaurant table or hotel room (the site has 490 million monthly users!), so it’s essential for hospitality businesses to have a well-maintained page.

Who’s it for? Cafes, bars, pubs, restaurants, hotels, and tourist attractions.

How does scoring work? Out of 5. TripAdvisor calculates your average score and ranks you with other similar local businesses.

Good stuff:

  • Internationally trusted.
  • Price comparison helps customers book hotel rooms through your page.
  • Great for Google search.

Not so good stuff: There’s no verification feature, so anyone can write a review of your business, whether they’ve really visited you or not…

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This popular site promises to eliminate fake reviews by verifying everyone posting is a real customer. Expedia, Thomas Cook, and AXA Insurance are already on board. A lot of reviewers and brands trust this platform, but pricing is a bit of a mystery.

Who’s it for? Retail, property, finance, recruitment, travel, and other service businesses.

How does scoring work? Out of 5. They’ll calculate your average based on all the ratings.

Good stuff:

  • Your customers will get an email inviting them to review immediately after they buy.
  • All verified reviews.
  • Loads of business features – website integration, clever reporting, and reputation management tools.

Not so good stuff: Pricing is set on a case-by-case basis, so you’ll have to get in touch with Feefo to find out how much it will cost.

Google My Business

We all go to Google when we’re shopping around, so it makes sense to put your businesses reviews right where those people can see them. It’s simple and it’s free!

Who’s it for? It works for any business with a physical address.

How does scoring work? Out of 5. Google takes an average.

Good stuff:

  • Your reviews will be right next to other useful info like opening times, your website, and location.
  • If you’re already on TripAdvisor or Yelp, Google will show those reviews too.
  • Data and analytics are included.

Not so good stuff: Reviews are impossible to verify, so in theory someone could write whatever they want.

Review sites help your customers understand you and your service, as well as give them an opportunity to share their own thoughts about what you do. It’s basically free marketing! We’re pretty pleased with our own Trustpilot rating – 9.5 out of 10!


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