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How to Get Your Small Business Ready for Christmas

As a small business, you’ll be keen to make the festive season as profitable as possible. The key is to prepare early and adapt to the increased footfall. Here’s our ultimate guide to getting ready for Christmas 2018.

Buying stock

According to stats from Deloitte, 50% of us will have our Christmas shopping out of the way before the beginning of December. If you’re a retailer, your previous years’ stats will tell you when gift-buying generally starts, but having stock ready to go in the first week of November is a good rule of thumb. This means buying well in advance so you’re prepared, particularly for goods in high demand.

Beware of weather warnings

Buying goods nationally and internationally can be tricky in the winter months. Ice and snow can slow down deliveries or even bring them to a complete standstill. It’s impossible to predict and can come out of nowhere, so order your most essential items before the weather becomes more severe.

The benefits of hiring Christmas temps

Whatever business you’re in, temporary staff can help you restock shelves, wait tables, speed up food prep, and more. As a small business owner, you’re probably used to doing a lot of things for yourself, but it can be a huge strain during your busiest months.

Take the pressure off and hire some help, they’ll pay for themselves in speed, efficiency, and better service.

Can you decorate ‘too early’?

Thanks to the Christmas markets, which have become a massive attraction for shoppers, cities like Manchester have a Christmas economy worth £90m. Decorations and celebrations generally begin when the markets are launched in November, and big chains will often decorate as early as October. For smaller businesses, November is generally a good time to start putting up lights, but it’s up to you and what you think your customers will want.

75% of shoppers think themed window displays, decorations, and in-store displays encourage them to feel more festive. The more festive they feel, the more likely they are to spend time with your business, whether they’re dining, drinking, or shopping.

Keep a close eye on your reviews

When it comes to booking that all-important Christmas meal, or buying a specific gift, potential customers will be all over review sites, looking for who scores highly. Make sure you’re up there with the best by encouraging reviews and comments all year round.

No matter how great your products or menu, customer service is what secures those 5-star reviews. 76% of consumers “view customer service as the true test of how much a company values them”, and 74% will spend more with brands they love.

Flexible finance from Capify can help your business invest in extra staff, new stock, and decorations, making Christmas and New Year as profitable as possible.

The Merchant Cash Advance is perfect for businesses that accept credit and debit card payments from their customers. Owners are able to raise upwards of £3,500 to achieve all of their plans.

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