What To Be Excited About in 2020! Time to Create a Calendar
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What To Be Excited About in 2020! Time to Create a Calendar

There’s so many exciting events to look forward to in 2020. Did you know that on 25th of January alone, there’s several celebrations happening all over the UK!

It’s really important for business owners to spend a little bit of time researching awareness days, global and national celebrations and industry exhibitions; it will help you to plan for the year and capitalise on unique events which your competitors might not even know about. From British Pie Week which occurs during the first week of March to ‘National Asparagus Day’ on 23rd April – there’s plenty of things happening which you should have in your diary. 

Here’s 3 big events happening in Jan.


25th January

Burns Night, Scotland

Robert Burns is Scotland’s most famous poet. He’s celebrated on his birthday every year with a traditional Burns Supper, which mainly consists of haggis, whisky, tributes, and lots of poetry. 

Pubs and restaurants throughout Scotland get involved by hosting their own Burns Night menus, suppers, and events, often followed by a ceilidh (a Scottish social event comprised of traditional dancing and singing). Some keep it super traditional, while others put a modern spin on this famous Scottish tradition. 

Burns Night is obviously a big occasion for businesses in Scotland. There are Scots all over the UK though, so Burns Night can be a major celebration in towns and cities throughout England, Wales, and Northern Ireland too.


Dydd Santes Dwynwen, Wales

St Dwynwen is Wales’ patron saint of lovers. Dwynwen was a 4th Century Welsh princess who unfortunately couldn’t marry the person she wanted to. God granted her three wishes, and one of her choices was to make sure lovers in Wales would have better luck than she did. St Dwynwen never married and became a nun, later becoming a saint.

Dydd Santes Dwynwen is celebrated just like Valentine’s Day and is particularly popular amongst Welsh speakers. It’s a day for romance and giving thoughtful gifts, which means Welsh hotels, restaurants, florists and retailers can do very good business on the 25th. 


Chinese New Year, UK-wide

Chinese New Year will be celebrated between the 25th January and 4th February in 2020. It begins with preparations, then the Spring Festival, and ends with the Lantern Festival.

It’s understandably at its biggest in China and Taiwan, but there are many Chinese communities in the UK that celebrate it every year. As well as getting together to eat, families and friends give gifts, particularly cash in Red Envelopes, let off fireworks, send cards, and release lanterns.

For Chinese businesses, the New Year often means closing down to celebrate. Pre-New Year is full of preparation though, with businesses stocking up on essentials and potential gifts. Chinese expats might choose to celebrate at restaurants, gather in the street for official celebrations, or host their own parties.

There’s also other businesses which have spotted the potential of this huge celebration, with certain pubs and restaurants hosting special events where their usual menus are amended to offer Chinese specialties. This can be advertised and marketed as a ‘ticket only’ night to guarantee bookings.


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