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The Seasons are Changing. Your Business Should Too!

As much as most of us don’t want to accept it, summer is now over. The mornings are gradually getting darker and darker, and it’s much cooler outside. 

This doesn’t just mean the cosy jumpers are coming out, it also has an effect on your small business. As the weather gets colder and Christmas approaches (those weeks move fast!), people’s spending decisions and priorities change. This is how your small business can adapt and make the most profit during autumn and winter.

Check your stock. Is it out of season? 

If you run a bar or restaurant, put away the summer cocktail ingredients and start stocking up on winter spices and festive flavours. If you’re a retailer, you need to think ahead to Christmas, as 53% of people start buying gifts for friends and family in October and November.

Your stock should reflect what people want to buy at this time of year, otherwise they’ll just go somewhere else. 

Should you update your stock immediately or gradually?

If you have summer stock left over, you don’t need to bin it or lose money on it. If the stock’s non-perishable and you have space to store it, some items could be saved until next year. If the products won’t last, discounts can help you move products quickly. People love an end-of-summer bargain.

Make your marketing more specific

If your products or services are changing with the seasons, your customers buying habits probably will too. 

For restaurant and bar owners, this is when Christmas party and meal planning begins, so a reminder that you’re taking bookings would be perfectly timed. This could be through email marketing, paid social media posts, Adwords, flyers, or traditional advertising in the local press. Whatever will get you in front of the right people. 

Decorate or rearrange your shop/restaurant/café/bar

Little touches of Halloween, autumn, and Christmas makes all the difference to customers. Show off your most seasonal products at the front of the shop, print custom seasonal menus, invest in gift wrapping, and sprinkle your premises with a bit of cheer.

British winters can be cold and grim – whatever you do or sell, make your business a cosy, pleasant place to be.

Whatever your customers need to do, make it easier

Not everyone is filled with joy when they see a Christmas tree. It can be a stressful and difficult time of year, even for the people who start preparing early. 

If you can offer fast delivery, easy booking, discounts, rewards for purchasing, or anything else that makes a customer’s day a little bit easier, you’ll make a good impression. Those customers will probably come back, because they know you’re reliable and they remember the time you made their shopping, party organising, winter car service, or gift-buying, that bit easier. 

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