Recap: The Rugby World Cup

Recap: The Rugby World Cup

So, back in September the Rugby World Cup came to Britain. Everyone had high hopes for the English team but unfortunately we ended up losing to Australia (thumbs down). We still played exceptionally well and didn’t give up without a fight.

Although leaving the competition was difficult for many people, there was some happiness left in the hearts of small business owners because thousands of travelling fans still had pubs to visit, restaurants to feast at and sights to see. Just before the Rugby World Cup began, we published a blog post about how you could use the games to draw people straight into your establishment and these tips applied whether we won (maybe next time) or lost. Hopefully you took some of them on board and saw your profits increase during the 6 weeks the matches were played.

When England hosts sporting events, especially as big as this one, small businesses should really prepare because tourism does increase. Did you know that this occasion was predicted to attract more than 466,000 visits from international fans? Thats a lot of people and I’m sure many of them didn’t just hang around the 11 host cities but took the opportunity to travel and explore the rest of beautiful Britain. “In total, international visitors (were) expected to contribute up to £869 million in direct expenditure” Did any of this money get spent in your establishment? If you own a pub/bar, hotel, or restaurant… chances are you may have received something, even if you weren’t aware.

The Rugby world cup only happens once every four years, and this is the first time it has been to England since 1991. Although it may be some time until we host it again, don’t be disheartened. There are many other sporting events that take place, drawing tourists to our country. Alternative occasions outside of sport also increase the likelihood that people will visit England, such as festivals or our beautiful sunny weather (we wish!) People travel to and within our country all year round so if you organize and prepare you will win custom.

To make sure you know when things are coming up in 2016, we have created a free calendar full of important dates so you don’t miss anything! Download the first three months here.

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