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The Quick and Easy Way to Apply for Business Finance

Are you feeling inspired, motivated and ready to grow your business? With Capify, you could raise from £3,500 – £500,000 within days of applying. 

We offer a tool which will allow you to apply for business finance, fast! Whether you want to get a quote for now or the future, we make it simple.

Find out how much you can raise in 90 seconds

If you’ve got a specific figure in mind, or if you’re simply curious, within 90 seconds you’ll have a quote in front of you. 

We know that running a business takes up a lot of time, so we decided to invest in a tool which will make it easy and quick for you. The quote that you receive is also no-obligation, so don’t feel like you’re tied into anything.

Capify helps owners of sole traders, Limited Companies, and partnerships to raise cash – and ultimately – grow their business. If you’re based in the UK, why not find out how much you’re approved for today.

Spend it on your exciting plans

Capify business finance is ideal for any kind of business development:

  • Renovation and refurbishment
  • Expansion and new premises
  • Stock/inventory
  • Equipment
  • Improve cash flow
  • Consolidate more expensive debts

Our customers come from all kinds of sectors – hospitality, retail, salons, garages, construction, and more. They use their funds to make things more efficient and fill up their bookings.

Search without affecting your credit score

Checking your eligibility with Capify doesn’t touch your credit score. 

It’s classed as a soft search, so you won’t see it recorded and it won’t affect your chances of getting finance now or in the future.

5-star business finance

Capify has a lot of happy customers on Trustpilot. 89% of reviewers rated our service as ‘Excellent’. They love the competitive rates, simple application, and the fact they can get their cash in just a few days!

Got big plans for your small business? Find out how much you can raise in just 90-seconds with our eligibility check.

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