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The Most Efficient and Effective Ways to Train Your Staff

Staff training keeps your team strong, efficient, and proactive. However, a lot of employers don’t feel like they have time to give education proper attention, so new hires are often given a quick introduction and left to go and learn the rest for themselves. 

This is why that’s a big mistake.

Why is staff training so important?

Learning through observation works fine for a while, but it leaves a massive gap between what staff are doing and what they could do. 

Not paying specific attention to training means staff don’t reach their full potential, and your customers could be getting less-than-brilliant service. You’re also more likely to be stuck doing time-consuming jobs yourself, because you don’t trust anyone in your team to take over.

In 2008, Starbucks boss Howard Schultz shut 7,100 US stores down for 3 hours to give baristas “hands-on espresso training experience”. He was motivated by the fact that customers were beginning to choose cheap coffee chains during the 2008 recession, and Starbucks was falling behind.

Schultz thought it was essential to “reignite the emotional attachment with customers”, and staff training was the answer.

Separate training time from regular work

Learning on the job is an essential part of every role, but giving your staff time to focus purely on developing a skill is really important. Otherwise, they’ll neglect their training, their proper job, or both!

Some external training will be just a one-day course, and some will involve committing one day a month, or a few days at a time. Whatever it is, make sure staff know they can take that time and use it to focus. They’ll come back to work with plenty to work on and put into practice. 

Encourage senior staff to train junior staff

Sometimes the best people to initiate training are the people who’ve already been there and done it. Set some time aside for your most senior team to train new hires in detail, focusing on the trickiest or most useful skills they’ll need to do a good job. 

There’ll be no cost for hiring outside help, you’ll just need to give staff some time off to learn.

Use online training when you can

Not everything needs to be taught in-person. Skills like digital marketing, management, and health and safety can all be learned online, so staff can log on anywhere at any time.

For online training courses, try platforms like LearnUpon, TalentLMS, and CourseGenius.

Spot staff with specific needs and talents

It worked for Starbucks, but staff training doesn’t have to mean shutting shop for the afternoon. Some staff will benefit from more training than others. 

Start paying attention to who needs help, who has the most potential, and who’s committed to staying with your business long-term. They’ll be the most incentivised to learn new skills, and will give the most back to your business.

Helpful tip! Ask staff how they learn best. Classroom-style doesn’t work for everyone, and some will find it easier to fit online training around their work and home lives.

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