How We’ve Been Funding SMEs for over 10 Years
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How We’ve Been Funding SMEs for over 10 Years

Capify has come a long way in the last decade. We were one of the first Merchant Cash Advance providers in the UK, and have grown our team from just a handful of people to over 60. Since our inception in 2008, we have moved from the 2nd floor of our office building in Altrincham, to the 5th and then up to the very top – the 7th. With each move, we’ve gained more space and hired more staff which has enabled us to become what we are today, a successful business finance company helping SMEs across the UK.

Helping Small Businesses to Grow

 Most businesses raise an average of £20,000 with us to pay for expansion, renovation, refurbishment, or to simply boost their cash flow. The most common business types we work with are restaurants, retailers, pubs, and businesses in the health and education sectors, but we are by no means limited to helping these industries.

Some of our very first customers have continued to raise finance with us years on, such as Koh Thai Tapas, a restaurant chain based in the South West of England. Koh Thai expanded into eight different locations with Capify’s funding, after making such a success of their original restaurant.

Raising Funds for Dog Groomers to Miniature Model Makers

 Small businesses make up a large percentage of British private sector businesses, and add a huge amount to the economy no matter what their niche.

Over the last ten years, we’ve worked with a large variety of businesses, all growing fast in their own sectors. Some of the most memorable include K9 Express, a groomers and dog playschool based in Weston-Super-Mare, a miniature model maker and ecommerce site for role-play games, and a family entertainment site in Barnstaple.

We love hearing what business owners have used the finance for, and finding out how it has helped them to grow and prosper. At Capify, we pride ourselves on customer service, we have a genuine interest in our customers and that’s why we have many great reviews on Trustpilot.

Where Are We Heading in the Future?

 Alternative finance has grown in popularity in recent years. A Cambridge University study found the European alternative finance industry “grew 41% to €7.7 billion in 2016”. The UK is Europe’s largest alternative finance market, and lending options are improving and developing all the time.

The momentum hasn’t slowed down, partly because more traditional banks often use legacy systems that delay sourcing finance, and it’s difficult for smaller retail and service businesses to be approved. In 2014, 20% of small UK businesses were rejected for a loan or overdraft, which was a 28% increase compared to the previous quarter. This hasn’t shown any sign of wavering, and it’s still tough for small businesses to raise finance through traditional methods.

We’re proud to have been raising alternative small business finance for 10 years. We provide two products – the Merchant Cash Advance for businesses with a card terminal, and the Alternative Business Loan. Find out how much you can raise with a

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