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Stocking Up Your Business For Christmas

The summer season is over and Christmas is fast approaching. As a pub owner, you want to capitalize on this busy part of the year. Not only will groups be planning Christmas parties at pubs but also busy shoppers will be popping in for some fast refreshment. You maximize your profits by beginning your planning today.

By planning now, you will have everything in place to offer Christmas specials that attract the types of crowds that you want. You want to be able to start marketing Christmas specials in the next few weeks to attract early planners that typically spend the most money.

Change Your Menu

You may not have ever considered it but it’s a good idea changing from a summer menu to a winter menu that includes Christmas specials. By doing this now, you can lock in discounts from your suppliers. You might chose to pass the savings on to your customers as an incentive to book their Christmas party with you.

Create a menu that appeals to the tastes of several people. The person planning a Christmas party will be seeking to match the tastes for the entire group. This often includes vegetarians as well those with high-end tastes and those wanting traditional Christmas food.

As a pub owner, you want to control your food costs but the Christmas season is the one season of the year that you want to expand your menu to attract parties. Simply put out a special Christmas menu and replace it with your more sensible menu after the season is over.

Use Cash Advance Funding to Stock Up

Considering the state of the economy, increasing your food stocks might be a bit of a challenge. And borrowing from the High Street Banks isn’t much of an option these days. You want to consider alternative business financing sources.

Cash advance financing is flexible and available regardless of your credit history. Through cash advance financing, you are provided the money you need today to stock up for the Christmas season. A percentage of your future credit card sales will be used to repay the money on a daily basis.

A big advantage of a cash advance it there is no set monthly payment. Instead, it’s a percentage of your daily credit card sales. When business is good, you pay a little more. When business is slow, you pay less.

Start Your Bookings Today

As soon as you have your menu and festive drinks decided on, make a flyer to take along to the offices in your neighborhood. Also, make them available at a prominent location in your pub.

Next, set up a booking diary and make sure your entire staff knows where it’s located and how to fill it out. With a little preplanning and luck, you’ll need to make sure they understand your pub’s full capacity so that they don’t over book your pub as Christmas draws near.

Consider offering a discount for early bookings. Prominently mention both the discount and cut-off date in the flyer you distribute. Mention the special menu you are putting on and the festive drinks you will be serving. Check on your cash advance funding and you’ll have one of the best Christmas seasons you’ve ever had.