Established Businesses Could Learn Something from Start-Ups
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Established Businesses Could Learn Something from Start-Ups

Start-up culture is a hot topic at the moment as businesses try to replicate the motivated and energetic atmosphere that is so often associated with new organisations.

When thinking of a start-up, what jumps to mind is a hard working group of people determined to make their business work. We picture quirky meeting rooms, individuals huddled around laptops and brainstorming on large whiteboards.

This culture is something that inspires experienced business owners and makes them strive to have a more lively and productive workplace.

Here are four benefits of introducing a start-up culture into your office…


Start-up companies are focused on a mission and they will do everything to ensure it’s successful. Sometimes, businesses that have been established for a long period of time forget about what they initially wanted to achieve and become complacent just getting by.

Ask yourself these questions…

Why did you start your own business?

Did you have a great product idea that you wanted to show the world?

Did you want to be your own boss?

Did you want to earn some extra money?

Did you achieve your initial goals?

If you did, fantastic! However, with the introduction of new technology and markets – there is always opportunity for your business to change and adapt.

If you didn’t, don’t give up! Sometimes it can be a long road to success but if you focus on your mission, you will get there.

What other goals do you have?

To stay relevant and win customers from competition, you must create new plans and ideas.

What are these ideas? When do you want to achieve them by?

Through answering the questions above, you should have realised that it isn’t just start-ups that have missions and plans. No matter how old your company is, you should retain a fresh and energetic mindset, get excited about the future and think of all of the growth you could achieve. Involve your employees, ask their advice and brainstorm. By taking this approach you will motivate all of those around you and present yourself as a company that wants to achieve its goals, just like a start-up.


As well as having a mission, start-up companies also have an intense vision of what type of business they want to be. They dream about how they want their new office space to look, what type of employees will be hired, they think about growth and come up with creative designs that will represent their company.

This is a great way to induce excitement and make every employee feel involved. Often, after companies have been established for some time, these visions just aren’t a priority anymore. People get used to their office surroundings and never consider what a change could mean for staff.

Try and visualise ways that you can change your workplace and make it a more appealing place to be. You could create a new brainstorm room filled with comfy bean bags, or you could produce a new logo to bring a modern touch to your brand. Making some small modifications can go a long way in creating a motivated and productive workforce.

Google is a fantastic example of a company that puts in a huge effort to keep employees enthusiastic and motivated. Their offices are filled with quirky spaces, balconies that overlook beautiful locations, and even rooms that look just like a home. These innovative interiors go a long way in crafting creative employees and people that wake up every morning longing to be in work.

Okay, so not everyone can afford to spend what Google does on office space but you could still learn a lesson from their attitude. They are a multi-billion pound industry and one of the most successful corporations in the world. Their accomplishments must be down to something and I’m sure their employees have had a huge input. Could their staff thrive so much because of what Google gives them back, inspiring working environments?


Start- Up Culture Handshake- Resized

Start-up companies are usually made up of a tight-knit team of enthusiastic people. This group will support each other’s ideas and work closely throughout the whole process of setting up a new business. Often, when organisations grow and more people are employed it can be difficult to maintain this same, close network. However, having a strong team is crucial to business growth and development.

No matter how big your company is, you need to ensure that every employee has an input. Don’t make staff feel nervous to be around you, they should be confident coming forward with any ideas they may have.

It’s much easier to introduce a new employee at a small start-up, however this still needs to happen in a large firm. In order for people to feel comfortable and properly settle in, it’s important for them to have a walk around each department and find out how the whole business works. Remember, your employees are full of creative ideas that you may not have considered. Let them support you and support them back.

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