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Spring Is Here: Get Ready to Grow Your Business

Whilst it might not seem it quite yet, Spring is officially upon us! I’m sure you’ve already noticed that it’s much lighter in the mornings and evenings, but it’s also about to get a little bit warmer too.

What will that mean for your business though? Well, if you’re organised and prepared, it could be the start of a very busy and profitable season.

Get ready to grow.

How well do you scrub up?

Rather than scurrying down the high street under the cover of an umbrella, your prospective customers will now be free to take in all the sites. Well, hopefully – UK weather can be a little bit unpredictable.

Now’s the time to make your business look fresh and eye catching from the outside. Sometimes during Winter, paint can start to chip off buildings and pavements become stained and dirty.

If you invest in some outdoor TLC, your business will stand out to new customers and old. You’ll also look better than lazy competitors, who don’t think the appearance of their business is a priority.

If you have an outdoor area which provides lots of space that your customers can use, you should spend some money sprucing this up too. Whether you own a pub with a beer garden, or a restaurant that features A la carte dining, people will be looking out for these types of venues during those warmer days.

Why not get a new decking area, some comfortable chairs and tables, outdoor heaters (it can still get nippy at night), or some state of the art gazeebos. You could even plant some new flowers, or have the garden landscaped.

Whilst it’s important to make the outside of your premises look striking and attractive, don’t forget to do a spring clean inside too!

Purchase seasonal stock

As the seasons start to change, so should your stock. Whether you own a clothes shop or restaurant, now’s the time to start purchasing some fresh and unique items.

During spring and summer, people’s tastes change completely. They no longer want to eat the same things and they no longer want to wear the same things. You need to find out what they’d like instead.

Do some testing, take a look at last year’s bestsellers and get a group together for market research. Identify a demand, and cater to it.

New Spring, New Start

You’ve probably heard that common phrase, ‘New Year, New Start’. It seems to be the slogan of choice in December and January. Well, people have the same attitude during the beginning of Spring.

It’s a great time to re-motivate yourself, try and set yourself new goals and objectives, and revaluate your outlook. It’s an opportunity to do things in a different way, target a different audience and seriously increase your profits.

What do you want to accomplish before Summer?

Travel and tourism

Everyone gets out and about more during Spring, and lots of people like to travel and explore. Especially during Easter which will be taking place this year between 19th and 22nd April.

That’s why it’s a fantastic time for the tourism industry. If you own a B&B or hotel, why not put on appealing offers to draw people in.

You should also update your website so that it’s simple to book online. Lots of people prefer to do that than call up and talk to someone. If your website is too slow or difficult to navigate, people could lose their patience and end up going to a competitor.

Grow with business finance

If you’ve got some exciting plans that you want to achieve during Spring, whether that be refurbishing your business or purchasing some new and exciting stock, have you considered raising some business finance to support your growth plans?

At Capify, we provide from £3,500 to over £500,000. We offer two unique and flexible products, the Merchant Cash Advance and Business Loan. Both are flexible alternatives to a traditional bank loan.

If you’re interested in finding out how much you can raise, get your no-obligation quote today.

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