How to Prepare Your Restaurant and Bar for Spring 2018
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How to Prepare Your Restaurant and Bar for Spring 2018

For many of us in Britain, it’s been none stop icy winds and lashing rain for the last few months. Soon it will thankfully come to an end, and the first day of spring – which is on the 20th March – will bring exciting new opportunities for business owners.

If you’ve spent the winter months offering your customers a cosy atmosphere, warming drinks and wholesome food, it’s time to update your menu to suit the warmer months ahead. People might not be on the terrace in t-shirts just yet, but being prepared will mean you’re their first port of call when temperatures rise.

Prepare Your Outdoor Furniture

When you place your outdoor furniture back on the decking, check for damage and wear and tear. If you’ve stored it somewhere warm, there shouldn’t be too much, but moisture and thawing can cause cracks and decay.

A lick of paint might be a better fix than throwing it all away, and make sure you seal and treat the wood to keep it looking new for longer. Plastic and metal furniture is more durable, but can still rust and show damage if not stored in the correct way.

Spruce Up Your Outdoor Area

Take a good look at your beer garden, terrace or even just the pavement in front of your establishment – is it inviting? It should be! Planting flowers, jet washing stonework, and making sure the windows are spotless will entice people just as much as the menu. As the weather changes, people will be far more inclined to choose a bar or restaurant which gives them the option of sitting outside in comfort. Being Instagram-ready can really help with promotion.

Prepare for Spring Showers

None of us are deluded enough to think we’ll enjoy beaming sunshine from April to August. Unfortunately, that’s just not how our climate works. Prepare for the weather ruining everyone’s fun by investing in gazebos for your outdoor spaces. If buying proves too expensive, you can also rent them for less. This will keep people coming to your bar, even if there are clouds in the sky.

Don’t Forget the World Cup

The FIFA World Cup begins on 14th June, which might seem like a long time away, but you can never be too prepared. If your bar doesn’t already have sports TV subscriptions, consider investing in them for the football season so you can show all the important matches. England games are obviously going to be the most popular, so make sure your business is set up for them.

To attract bigger crowds, a projection screen or multiple mounted TVs will ensure your pub or bar stays fuller for longer. Make sure passers-by know you’re going to be showing the matches by advertising them outside your premises on chalkboards and posters at least a week before the World Cup begins.

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