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Why shoppers will be supporting their local high street

Saturday 1st December marks the fifth annual Small Business Saturday. Small Business Saturday UK is a campaign which was created to encourage people to shop local. It takes place on the first Saturday of December each year, right in the middle of Christmas shopping season.

Whether you’re new to shopping local, or you’re already loyal to your butcher, baker, and candlestick maker, it’s a great opportunity to support independent retailers and traders.

Participating shoppers spent £750 million with independent businesses on Small Business Saturday 2017 and 2018 is set to the be even more profitable!

Why support small businesses?

The aim of Small Business Saturday is to have a long-term positive impact on small businesses around the UK.

99% of British businesses are SMEs, bringing fresh ideas, more competition, and employment opportunities for 15.6 million people. They set up their businesses to introduce a new service to their town, share their expertise, and raise standards. By supporting them, we make sure our high streets continue to look different and diverse.

What does Black Friday mean for small businesses?

While a lot of small retailers and online sellers create their own offers, Black Friday is still heavily dominated by big chains.

Small Business Saturday is a well-timed alternative. It takes the focus off businesses that already dominate high streets and TV advertising, and reminds customers their local independents deserve just as much focus – if not more.

Maximise your profits on Small Business Saturday

It’s important for you to make a great impression on Small Business Saturday. With new people coming through your doors, you have a unique opportunity to expand your customer base.

To make an impact, push your discounts, promote the event in store and on social media, and offer that winning customer service small businesses are so famous for.

What will Capify be doing?

At Capify, we’re encouraging every member of the team to spend their money with a local small business on Small Business Saturday.

Some will be adding to their Christmas gifts for friends and family, some will be sampling coffee from a local barista, and others will be visiting family-run pubs and restaurants. We’re looking forward to sharing all our new retail discoveries with each other.

Capify has been helping British small businesses grow for 10 years. Flexible finance from Capify can help your small business invest in refurbishment, extra staff, stock levels, and time-saving technology.
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