Should The UK Adopt ‘Small Business Saturday’?
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Should The UK Adopt ‘Small Business Saturday’?

One of the latest trends right now in the world of buiness that you’ll want to keep an eye out for is the adoption of Small Business Saturday in the UK.

This event was originally started in the United States, where on one Saturday everyone is encouraged to shop at locally owned small businesses, to not only give their earnings a boost but also make everyone much more aware of their presence.

As the UK is also trying hard to promote the growth and development of small businesses in its economy, Chuka Umunna is working to adopt this same event.

Chuka Umunna has stated that small businesses are really the lifeblood of the economy and that we must be doing whatever we can to support and encourage their development.

By taking a page from the US’s book for this initiative, we can do just that.

He also feels that small business Saturday is something that all local authorities could easily support and promote as well, so feels there should be no problem getting this holiday set up and running.

The event will be heavily marketed across a number of different social media channels to help raise awareness and get more people actively participating.

So as this month rolls around, plan to shop local businesses to kick start small business Saturday in the UK.

We ask, should the UK adopt small business Saturday? Would you support the initiative? Do you believe the initiative would boost small, local businesses? Let us at United Kapital know your thoughts.