Recap: The General Election

Recap: The General Election

The 2015 general election had more emphasis than ever before on Small Businesses. Right from the onset the Conservatives seemed to be the favoured party of entrepreneurs and therefore, when they were elected it was a positive outcome for many.

Here’s a recap of just a few promises the Conservative party made to SMEs.

Red Tape

The dreaded red tape. Something that every business owner despises… and rightly so! The phrase refers to excessive regulations which often lead to unnecessary and time consuming paperwork, a nuisance that the conservatives promised they would cut. They set themselves a challenge which we hope they can achieve, for every new rule added, two redundant regulations will be scrapped! It’s a start.
Many entrepreneurs complain that red tape is costly and a barrier which stops them reaching their true potential. We believe you, paperwork is something that nobody looks forward to, so having to do this whilst running a business is the worst of the worst.
The conservatives should make this pledge a priority because it’s one of the biggest bugbears of many otherwise motivated business owners. Have you noticed any changes in your sector?

Super-Fast Broadband and improved transport links

If your business is in a rural area, this is one for you. The Conservatives vowed to spend a considerable amount of money improving transport links and creating super-fast broadband all over the UK. This is great news for business owners who will now be able to stay in touch with their customers more easily and hire employees from places that weren’t previously accessible.
When this comes into effect in your area you should start utilising social media and optimising your website, taking your business online can seriously propel sales. There’s no excuse not to with access to a speedy internet connection. You’ll also be able to access customers in other ways, you might notice more people start popping into your establishment when transport links are improved.

New Apprenticeships

Many business owners could benefit from hiring an apprentice, although it’s something that is often overlooked. The conservatives are making it their mission to increase the amount of people who are employed and this is a fantastic way of doing so.
Shortly, the jobs tax (National Insurance Contributions) will be abolished for small businesses who hire an apprentice under the age of 25, meaning that SME owners will actually gain a lot from employing and teaching someone valuable working skills. Have you ever considered hiring an apprentice?


More people than ever are opting to be self-employed, offering creative, innovative and necessary products and services to the people of the United Kingdom. We’re glad the government are taking the importance of Small Businesses on board, by aiming to create 600,000 new start-ups a year by 2020. If you’re thinking of creating your own brand, there’s no better time to start than now.
The Conservatives were only elected into power in May 2015 and they will now be the rulers of our government for the next 5 years. Some of the promises made won’t come into fruition straight away, but that just means there’s a lot to look forward to for Small Business owners!

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