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Press Release: Office Opening

Capify UK Hosts Official Office Opening Party to Celebrate Major Growth

 The Mayor of Trafford along with all Capify UK employees and many valued customers and partners celebrate new office extension in Manchester based workplace.

MANCHESTER, September 23, 2015- Capify, an innovative alternative finance provider has just celebrated an official office opening in their UK premises following major growth and success.

After an exciting year which saw the rebranding of United Kapital and Capiota under one global name ‘Capify’, the office opening was yet another thing to be proud of for the UK. Capify was launched internationally on July 21st and the company, which has offices in the UK, Canada, Australia and America, has seen huge financial success since.

Despite having ample office space in the Manchester office, more was needed to accommodate the rapidly growing workforce.

Tony Pegg, UK Managing Director of Capify UK says, “The official opening of our extended Manchester office was a proud moment for me. It’s amazing to see just how quickly we are growing and that is evidence of our success and hard work. We had a great day and it was a unique chance for partners, customers and employees to come together, network and celebrate.”

The office was officially opened by the Lord Mayor of Trafford and also in attendance were several of Capify UK’s valued associates. Guests were invited to arrive for 2pm and the event began with some celebratory drinks and nibbles. This was also a fantastic opportunity for people to walk around the new workplace and take in the creative interior.

At 3pm, everyone gathered in the new reception area and Tony Pegg, MD, did a speech about the progress of the company throughout the past 8 years. The Mayor of Trafford then did his own announcement and unveiled the Capify logo by drawing a set of blue curtains.

Louise Capewell, Marketing Director says, “It was amazing watching Capify’s logo revealed in the new office space. The company has grown so much in the past 6 months alone and undertaken some huge and important changes.  Our success is truly apparent and measurable through the amount of new staff we are hiring to manage and support the different aspects of the business. I’m sure we’ll be needing even more workspace before long.”

The day was a great success and a unique chance for people to come together and celebrate Capify’s amazing growth and development.

Reception -Ofiice Opening

Meeting with Mayor- Office Opening

Mayor Drawing Curtains- Office Opening

Group- Office Opening