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Preparing for the Christmas Season Using Business Finance

If you’ve just managed to secure additional cash for your company using business finance, you may feel like Christmas has come early. That’s just as well too, as Christmas is the busiest time of the year for many businesses and can make the difference between a bumper year and just breaking even. So now you’ve got that extra money, how best to use it? Here are a few stocking fillers to jingle your bells.

Prepare Early

A survey this year found that October 5th, dubbed “Stock Up Saturday”, was the start of the Christmas shopping season for busy mums. With this in mind, retailers and other businesses with an eye to the Christmas market should use some of their business finance funds to purchase extra stock well in advance of this date.

As well as wishing to avoid the last-minute crowds, people are also shopping earlier in order to spend longer hunting for Christmas bargains. While sales and other discounts are traditionally offered once official Christmas shopping ends, retailers should consider using selective discounts long before this to lure people into their shops.

Think Outside the Christmas Box

Despite the tightening of purse strings, the average UK family still spends over £1000 at Christmas time, including over £100 on presents for each of their children. The holiday season offers an obvious gift to businesses catering to children, such as toy shops, confectioners or theme parks, but most adults also buy gifts for a wide circle, including friends, work colleagues and even pets.

With such a diversity of giving and receiving, it’s possible to turn practically any business into a Yuletide destination and any product into a stocking filler. If you run a business that doesn’t traditionally see sales jump at Christmas time, you should spend some of that extra business finance money to market yourself more effectively. There’s enough seasonal cheer for everyone, so make sure your business doesn’t miss out!

Christmas Shopping Is Online Too

Until just a few years ago, shoppers had little choice but to brave the high street amid the cold and the crowds when it came to Christmas shopping. These days, however, more and more tech-savvy shoppers are buying food, drink and gifts online.

If your business doesn’t do much trade online, you might want to use some of your extra financing to revamp your website and boost your online presence. Consider hiring web experts to create a viral marketing campaign utilizing social media – a strong campaign that gets people talking will last far longer than the “12 days of Christmas”.

For businesses that rely on in-store customers, try to create special events such as charity auctions or local celebrity appearances that will make your business a focus of the local community.

Whatever your business needs for the busy Christmas season, receiving business finance to help you prepare properly should prove to be the gift that keeps on giving.