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Prepare Your Retail Business for Father’s Day

With this year’s Father’s day quickly approaching (Sunday 21st June), it’s time to get your business ready! This is a great opportunity to put your marketing skills into practice and make some extra sales. Whether your retail shop sells gifts, shoes, chocolates or clothes, with the right innovation you will attract searching family members to your establishment and stand out from any competitors.

Here are some great tips that you can implement to have a successful day.

 Host an Event

 Father’s day is on a Sunday this year which means that on Saturday people will be desperately hunting for a relevant gift, use this opportunity to host a Father’s day event. You could change your shop around slightly so that all of the appropriate items are in one area, this way people will get a clear view of what’s on offer. Simple is always more appealing when it comes to last minute shopping. However, if this is too much trouble because of the layout of your shop, try spending some one on one time with your customers and pointing out anything that you think is appropriate. After all, you know exactly what’s in stock and where it’s positioned- by helping your customers in this way you will present a friendly and personal service.

Make sure you utilise social media and your website too, by posting statuses about what’s taking place in your shop- you will attract an audience that follows you online.

You could also put some fliers up in your window so that you gain the attention of passers-by. Some people may have even forgot that this special day is so soon, so remind them and you will reap the benefits of their custom.

The great thing about hosting a small event is that it takes minimal effort- with some mild advertising and organisation you could find that your profits drastically increase. Also, once people come inside, they might be tempted to buy more than just a father’s day present. If you give them a pleasant time and offer something memorable, they will no doubt be back to your business in the future.


Father’s day is unlike any other working experience because you will get people of all ages and genders coming to your shop to purchase gifts. This will be especially noticeable for those who sell specifically targeted items such as men’s clothing- your normal audience may be replaced. You need to therefore think outside of the box, young children will be coming- what’s their budget likely to be, what are they likely to choose? Women will be visiting, what will they be tempted towards?

Put on deals to make things affordable for those who are young and buying with their pocket money. You could sell two pairs of comedy socks for the price of one, or an affordable box of chocolates. Children will be tempted to buy items like these, but if their too pricey they will be forced to search elsewhere.

You could also put on other specific Father’s day deals, by selling competitively priced items you will win peoples custom. You know there will be a lot of individuals searching for gifts, so make the most of it by enticing them to purchase with great offers.

 Gift Wrapping 

Gift wrapping isn’t many peoples favourite thing to do and it’s also extremely time consuming. Bare this in mind and you will win over new customers.

By providing a free gift wrapping service you will ensure that those busy working men and women- who have to purchase on their lunch because they have no other spare time- will favour your shop. Think also about those mums with excited and hyper young children, saving them the effort of wrapping will no doubt be a huge help. This isn’t a costly privilege to offer, and whilst you are creatively packaging gifts it will give you and your staff time to bond further with your customers.

You could also stock some nice gift bags for the occasion, those who do want to add the personal touch of wrapping may like a nice accessory to place it inside. If you get the chance to have these specially made, your logo will travel far and wide- reaching a whole new audience and making people aware of your brand who may not have previously heard of it.

Through taking the time to implement these added extras, it will be worth your while. You will draw in new and existing customers and be able to build a bond with them which will ensure they come back for more. Marketing your shop and products can be crucial to the success of your business, if you feel like you want to find out more about how it works, or do a large campaign in the future, Capify can provide you with £3,500-£500,000. You could use this money to go on courses, or pay for another company to take care of your advertising. The innovative Merchant Cash Advance is paid back every working day so you don’t have to worry about saving a large sum at the end of every month. For more information about how it works click here, or get a quote.