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Playing Games Could Help You Become a Better Entrepreneur

Video games and games in general are a favourite pass time of lots of people. Whether adult, child or teenager, there’s nothing like a good game of chess to get the brain going, a game of monopoly to have some friendly, family competition, or a game of FIFA against friends. Playing games also has some great benefits other than the social aspects, if you’re a business owner take a look at how getting the Xbox or Connect Four out on a regular basis could help your company to thrive.


When the majority of people play games, they lose… frequently. However, this doesn’t put them off trying again. In fact, it only makes them even more determined. Learning this at a young age can really set people up for when they get older, especially if they want to own a business. Like the saying goes, if you want to become an entrepreneur you must expect to fall down, it’s getting back up which really matters.

Continuing to play games into adulthood will continue to teach you these same principles. Just because you fail something once doesn’t mean you should give up, perseverance is the key to success. According to Talk Business – a leading online magazine which offers advice to entrepreneurs, the Nayang Technological University of Singapore say that by playing the right type of games, it helps people develop important business skills.


Video games often revolve around completing an end goal, and people become dedicated to achieving this. Sometimes they stay up night and day just to finish their mission. In business, it’s much the same. People often put all the hours in the world into making sure they achieve what they set out to and they don’t let anything, like critics (or killer zombies), get in their way.


Everyone loves a challenge. Gamers often move from level to level, overcoming more difficult obstacles every time and using their sheer determination and intelligence to carry on. In business, you can probably relate to this, owners face so many challenges when setting up, from competition to finances, yet nothing stops them. If anything it just spurs them on and makes them want to be even better. Without challenges, life would be easy and dull so whether you are playing a video game or working hard to become a profitable business owner, you should embrace it and work even harder to overcome any difficulties.


You’ve probably heard of the new game which is taking the world by storm, Pokemon Go. It’s so popular that nearly as many people use it each day on Android as those who use Twitter, one of the world’s most popular social networking sites. Some of the selling points include the fact it’s completely free, and uses augmented reality to bring the game to life.

Video games can be inspiring, especially those which use state of the art technology. It’s always important that business owners know what the latest tech developments are and how they’re being used. Something similar could work really well with their product or as part of their company.

Games, such as the one mentioned above, could also be inspiring because of their success. It’s every business owner dream to launch a product and it almost instantly be loved by millions of people worldwide. Whether you’re in this sector or not, it could be worthwhile doing some analysis on the most popular games, and why people love them so much. You could find out how to adapt or market your product to attract more people.


People play games so they can win them and it’s the same with business. Owners go down this path so that they can be the best. As long as you do everything mentioned above and persevere with your business, be inspired and dedicate your time to making it work, it will.