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Make Sure Your Business Understands Social Media

Social media has taken over the world, this much is for sure. But how many of us actually understand it? How many of us have a thorough grip on its functionality, appeal and benefits? Not just for personal use, but for business purposes too. This is a hugely important question to ask yourself if you are a business owner in 2015, as our presence on social media, and a business’ digital footprint is now a must if you wish to be successful both online and from a real-world perspective.

The World’s Biggest Social Occasion

Arguably the world’s biggest network of people is awaiting your arrival and almost everyone is there to greet you; including many of your competitors and potential customers! It’s a party that cannot be missed and one you really should be attending; so sending someone else on your behalf is out of the question. This party is always on too, so it’s no good turning up sporadically with the occasional announcement regarding your latest product or promotion.

You stand no chance of working the room effectively if you leave early or hardly turn up at all. Reputation is everything, so turning up every now and then with occasional update will actually harm your business rather than help it – no one wants to read something overtly promotional that doesn’t offer them anything. So take the time to get to know people, give some insight into your processes and your team, and offer your services to anyone who requires them. This is the way you should think of social media, not as something scarily new or complex, but as a social gathering full of like-minded individuals and businesses. Thinking of it this way will ensure that social media becomes your most powerful marketing tool.

Sharing content with thousands of followers at once isn’t the only benefit of social media for business. Small businesses all over the world have been discovering the ways social media can contribute to success and growth in all areas of their companies.

Key Reasons to Exploit Social Media

1. Information Gathering – social media makes getting to know your audience very easy. The key to success in any business is having a solid understanding of your target demographic and using social media platforms helps to make this possible. With this knowledge you can accurately tailor your promotions and products to those who need them most.

2. Customer Acquisition – platforms such as Twitter and Facebook allow small businesses to geo-locate current customers and identify potential new ones in the area. After locating individuals who express a need for your product online, reach out to them and fish that lead!

3. Receive Instant Feedback – whether it’s positive or negative feedback, they are both just as important as each other. Social media provides instant access and valuable insight into this feedback, allowing business owners to act on it accordingly, and most importantly respond directly to the customer. The large majority of retailers and service-based businesses have a customer service presence on Twitter, where they directly respond to as much feedback as possible to demonstrate that they’re proactive. A tweet that goes unanswered has clearly been ignored, and it won’t just be the dissatisfied customer who sees it.

4. Get Ahead of the Game – social media monitoring will provide key information on your customers and your competitors, thus increasing your market intelligence. Using this information to make strategic business decisions can ensure your business remains ahead of the game and the competition. Increasing your brand awareness via social media can also have the same effect.

5. Increase Site Traffic and Search Ranking – increasing your social media activity will attract more followers, which will in turn direct more traffic to your website and ultimately increase sales. The more traffic your site attracts, the higher your site will rank in search engine listings for your product related keywords.

There really is no reason to ignore social media, it can be a huge asset to any business. If you need extra training or wish to hire a social media specialist, you might be able to source business finance with small, manageable repayments, to fund your expansion and learning. Contact us today for more details.