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Must Have Phone Apps For Managing Your Business

With everyone using a wide variety of phone apps today, your business should be no different. While social media, games, and personal use applications are hot amongst the common crowd, there are just as many great business apps for the business crowd to consider.

As almost every business owner has his or her own smart phone these days, it only makes sense to take advantage of some of the top phone apps that are available.

Let’s go over the best business finance apps that you should consider.


Available for both iPhone as well as iPad, FreshBooks is an application that helps you manage your own business finances right online.

This process makes things far more streamlined and will help you process invoices quickly and effortlessly. This application also makes it much easier to create expense reports as well as file invoices electronically, so you’ll want to be sure to take advantage of it.


The next application, which is available for both Android users as well as those using apple devices, is Expensify. This application is a must for anyone who travels frequently for business and needs to manage their expenses and receipts.

This application offers the benefits of allowing you to track your mileage, upload various receipts, and is integrated right with your own phones camera as well.


This application is great for those involved in business where you are constantly giving presentations to customers or clients.

The application will quickly transform your information into a colourful presentation that makes you look more professional while knocking their socks off at the same time.

It’s available for both iPad as well as iPhone users, so one you’ll want to be making good use of.


The next free app that you’ll want to check out is Mint, which is also another way to keep track of your business finances. This application will give you a very quick glimpse at where your expenses are going and will allow you to better monitor your pre-set budget as well.

You can also set alerts with this app that will notify you immediately when any small pre-defined change takes place in the economy.


Finally, the last app to check out that’s available for both Android and iPhone users is PageOnce. The purpose of this app is to help you perform a variety of different transactions such as bill payments.

This is perfect for those people who don’t like automatic payments and prefer something a little hands on. The only drawback is that it does not have Paypal integration, so that is one thing that you will need to note. So there you have some of the best business apps to make sure you look into. If they can make your life easier, why not use them regularly?