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Make sure your business gets the most from Christmas

Christmas is a very busy time of year for many businesses across the United Kingdom. In the retail industry specifically, sales will increase for most retailers as people try to buy gifts as well as food and other supplies for the winter holiday.

To capitalise on this trade, it may be a good idea to open up a second shop location. This shop may only be a temporary fixture whilst the Christmas season is taking place, but it can attract more customers which will enable you to increase your sales at this time of year. Pop-up shops as they are known offer a cheaper alternative to renting out a shop building or premises and can be relocated to various lucrative spots in the town depending on what is available.

It’s a good idea to ensure that you have additional staff available to allow you to comfortably service additional Christmas trade – just remember that this will take additional planning beforehand as you will need to recruit interview and train any new staff members.

Retailers should consider spending more money on their website over the Christmas period. Depending on your industry your traffic levels could dramatically rise, and if the website is not functioning at its best then you may miss out on sales. The additional benefit of investing in your website is that you will reap the benefit of the improvements throughout the year as well.

It may sound like quite an obvious point, but ensuring that you have sufficient stock levels to see you through Christmas and New Year is 100% fundamental. Empty shelves at peak times do your business no favours.

All of the suggestions above assume that your business has the available funds to channel into new initiatives, for businesses that don’t we have the United Kapital merchant cash advance, a flexible alternative to the traditional business loan. Essentially we can advance you your future earnings and you can repay us as a percentage of the credit and debit card transactions which are made over the coming Christmas period. This makes repayments far more flexible and straightforward, without any monthly fees or late charges.

Written by United Kapital Managing Director Tony Pegg
To find out how much working capital you may be eligible for please click here or call 0800 756 68450800 756 6845.

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