Why You Should Make Your Next Hire a ‘NEET’.
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Why You Should Make Your Next Hire a ‘NEET’.

If you are considering adding a new employee to your team then it may be wise to contemplate hiring someone who is NEET (currently Not in Education, Employment or Training). A survey of the general public conducted last year found that 48% of respondents thought that many “firms’ unwillingness to hire a young person without work experience kept youth joblessness high”.

According to educational watchdog, Ofsted, around 146,000 of last year’s school leavers are now classed as NEETs. Alarmingly, this figure rises quite sharply to 1,184,000 when 19-24 year olds are added into the equation. This also doesn’t take into account the 40,000 other teenagers who are ‘lost in the system’ by local authorities, who have little opportunity for career planning or development.

So, why should you consider employing someone who’s a NEET? The vast majority of NEETs across the country are young people who haven’t had many opportunities, or who have grown up in disadvantaged backgrounds. There are many long-term benefits to be had from employing NEETs; the main one being the contribution towards fixing the UK’s youth unemployment problems.

Ofsted: Current Reforms are Failing

Ofsted have also released a report that states that current reforms to tackle youth unemployment are failing. Ofsted believe that the current process simply delays the eventual placement of people under the category of NEETs and does not prevent it. In addition to this, many argue that the governments’ attempts to prevent young people from signing on have largely been inadequate as they focus primarily on 16-18 year olds. This age range is too narrow and therefore many argue that this process does not safeguard long-term job opportunities.

The Current Reform Measures

The current reforms were introduced to the UK in 2013. The legislation dictates that all pupils must stay in training or education of some form up until the age of 17. This age threshold is increasing this year to 18. To facilitate this change the Government has increased the number of apprenticeships available to young people and instigated new minimum standards for college and training courses aimed at 16-18 year olds.

In addition to this, all pupils that fail to accomplish at least a grade C in English and Maths at GCSE level will be made to resume with the subjects for two more years. Once an individual passes the age of 18 though, the current measures do not apply to them and there is very little support of a similar nature thereafter.

You Can Be Part of the Solution

If you take the same viewpoint as Ofsted, you will believe that the situation for most NEETs is neither their choice nor their fault. The current reform measures are attempting to take care of 16-18 year olds, but those whom have crossed that threshold are often left hung out to dry.

Having the opportunity to hire a young and enthusiastic NEET, who just needs an initial opportunity to be able to excel and progress, may just be the kick of energy your business needs. Recruiting someone young will allow you to provide that person with an opportunity to mature and develop; setting them on the path of a secure career.

Can Your Business Afford It?

Britain has become an SME hotspot in recent years, and these kinds of companies will have less resources than larger companies when it comes to hiring new staff. Many large organisations have schemes in place which are specifically aimed at hiring young people and apprentices – but what about those who don’t?

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