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Key 103’s Christmas Cash For Kids Event

Christmas is a wonderful time of year for many of us. We can get together with our loved ones and open up the carefully thought-out gifts given to us.

Can you remember when you were a child and it was Christmas?
Did you used to get overwhelmed with excitement on Christmas Eve, thinking about what amazing gifts you were going to receive?
Those are such treasured memories of childhood that everyone deserves.

Unfortunately, it’s not like this for every child at Christmas. It is very sad to report that there are 150,000 children in Manchester are experiencing poverty and they will not receiving a gift at Christmas.
Good news, though. There is a way you can help make a difference to these children.

Mike and Chelsea, the presenters from the popular Manchester radio station, Key 103 have launched a Cash For Kids charity event to try and raise £1 million worth of gifts for children.
The charity is in partnership with The Manchester Evening News and supported by other companies.

All you have to do purchase or donate a gift suitable for children aged between 0-18 years old and bring it to one of the drop-off points in your area. It couldn’t be any easier!

United Kapital is proud to say that we are a registered drop off point, located on Station House, Stamford New Road in Altrincham.

Visit the page here for information about this brilliant cause and see which location is closest to you.

Make a difference this year and donate to this excellent cause.

Merry Christmas, everyone.