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Beat the Competition and Win the Business Race

It’s the start of the Olympics in Rio and therefore we thought it would be fitting to write a new blog post about how you can win a race of your own. The business race. You probably face competition every single day, whether it’s someone trying to beat your prices or conquer your customers. It can be tiring coming up with innovative ways to make sure you stay ahead of the game so we thought we’d give you some help.

Provide Excellent Customer Service

If you want to make sure your customers stay loyal to your brand, you need to go above and beyond. People expect a certain level of service but to ensure they definitely won’t go off to your competitors you need to show you’ll do anything to make them happy. Moo, a business card provider, is the perfect example of a company that does this. If you’re not pleased with their product once it has been received they’ll do everything in their power to make sure it’s right until your satisfied. Just take a look at some of their TrustPilot reviews and you’ll see how many people have praised their amazing customer service. By showing you value your customers, they will value you.

We wrote a blog post the other day about the importance of setting up a profile on a review site. If you want to do this, make sure you try and reply to every comment, positive or negative. People can have a bad experience with your brand but as long as you address it in the right way they might decide to give you another chance.

If you want to improve your customer service, you should also try and learn the names of the people that buy from you. It makes the whole experience a lot more personal, and, once someone starts seeing you as a friend they’ll find it a lot harder to betray you and go to your opposition.


Sometimes when running a business, it becomes easy to get complacent. However, this won’t give you any edge over your competitors. In order to make sure you stand out, you need to continually update your products, interior and branding. Nobody wants to visit an old and run down hotel with rickety furniture which looks like it’s falling apart, especially when there’s somewhere next door which has just had a nice refurbishment. Sometimes, a lick of paint and some TLC is all it takes to completely transform a business and give it a new lease of life. Alternatively, if you own an office based company, simply updating your logo or website could make all the difference. You could create a new brand image which completely stands out from your competitors and looks eye catching.

You won’t win by standing still so make sure you continue to work hard and grow.

Set yourself apart

There might be a similar business (or serval) to yours, but there will be things that set you apart and you need to take advantage of this. Many SMEs make the mistake of thinking that the only way to beat their competition is by lowering prices but starting a price war is a bad way to go about things. In the end nobody really ends up winning and the whole market is driven down.

Think about what makes your business different and play on it. If you own a cafe for example, ask yourself…

Why is my business better than others?

Do I offer more drinks than my competitors?

Do I offer better customer service?

Do I offer a reward scheme which others don’t?

Do I offer healthier options than others?

Is there free WIFI?

You might quickly realise that your business has many selling points which others around you don’t. Even the smallest thing make your brand stand out so use this to propel you to the finish line and leave your competitors lagging behind.