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It’s Flexible Working Awareness Day

When do you work?

9am-6pm, five days a week? For many of us, this is the case.

A lot of office workers sign up for these hours and are offered little flexibility, but thankfully this is all starting to change. According to a study by Timewise and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, more than half of people who work in the UK wish they were able to work flexibly.

Well, I come baring good news. Soon many individuals may be given this opportunity because today is flexible working awareness day which aims to promote the benefits of working shifts that fit around personal commitments, including family life.

Here are just some of the advantages of flexible working.

Young Families Don’t Need to Fork Out for Child Care

Many women, who have fantastic skills and experience feel like they can’t easily go back to work because jobs don’t offer hours that fit in with their family life. Childcare is so expensive that if they were to get a 9am-6pm full time job, sometimes it just isn’t worth it.

With flexible working, companies can acquire these experienced and talented individuals, giving them the opportunity to bring in a stable income, fulfil their ambitions and be there for the family.

What’s to lose? Seems like a win win situation to me.

Hate Rush Hour Traffic? You’ll Miss It

‘Flexitime’, as it is commonly referred to, is when people are allowed to start and finish their day at chosen times so long as they work a total number of hours in the week. This works with people who are travelling long distances, or in heavy traffic laden areas because they can avoid these times. Not only does it help with the amount of cars on the road (winner) it also means people come in feeling happier and more motivated. They have started their day positively rather than being stuck in the same position for hours on end fearing they are going to be late, again.

Individuals can choose whether to come in early and finish early, perfect for those sunny days when a BBQ is planned, or they can come in (and finish) late, who doesn’t want a lie in sometimes?

Overall, this way of working is great because the job still gets done but people are allowed to live their lives as well.

Working from Home

Employers may jump to the conclusion that allowing their staff to work from home would be a bad move but it actually has lots of benefits. With today’s technology, it’s so easy to pick up on tasks from wherever you are. Cloud based systems, mobile phones with conference call abilities, Skype… all free systems that are easy to use and make flexible working easier.

As long as some clear ground rules are set, such as how much work needs to be done and how it can be tracked, it should work out for both the employer and the employee.

Flexible working must be considered if a staff member requests it, so why not give it a try before they do? You’ll find employees become happier and more motivated.