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Increasing Social Media Engagement for Your Business

No matter your company’s size or value, you can reach out to the world via social media.

Using social media as a company is about connecting with a wide range of people on a deeper level. It’s important to be active on your social media accounts, to keep your fans and followers intrigued.

Social media is perfect for advertising and promoting your company all over the world, it can help you get the positive attention you’re looking for!

It is crucial to have a high engagement rate with your media accounts, and by that we mean lots of likes, shares and comments on your posts. Businesses can use social media to show who they are and what they stand for!

Here’s how your company can increase social media engagement…

Give them what they want

Planning on uploading something to one of your accounts? Stop. Think. Ask yourself, is this what the public wants to see?

Don’t allow yourself to upload a post if you’re questioning it.

You should only post things that really sell your business, what advantages does your business offer – how does it benefit people?

Make it interesting

Yes, we’re all guilty of it; impatience. Especially online. Most of us will glance over a page and skim read, never spending longer than a few seconds taking in the message.

As a business owner, you need to create captivating content that will grab your audience’s attention.

Use lots of images and attention-grabbing headlines to draw your readers in; get them hooked. If you interest them, they’ll keep reading and keep scrolling.

Get them involved

Towards the end of your posts you should ask your readers a question or seek feedback.

This will allow them to feel like they have a relationship with your company, but it benefits you too.

Your aim is to sell your business to readers, and create an online community for them to enjoy and feel free to ask questions on.

Be approachable

Social media has the word social in it for a reason. It is very important that you reply to your readers.

Not replying, is ignoring them, and people don’t like to be ignored! You want to create a free space where people feel eager to get involved. Build a community.

The strength of your social media is determined by the strength of your content. So remember to think carefully about the things you post. By doing this, you’ll increase your social media engagement.


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