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Improve Your Business Reviews with these Handy Tips

It doesn’t matter if we’re buying a fridge or booking a hotel, most of us go straight to online reviews before we start typing in any card details. Other people’s opinions are powerful, because none of us want to spend our money in the wrong place or miss out on a good deal.

Over 90% of customers care about reviews

93% say reviews affect their buying decisions and 85% think they’re just as important as a personal recommendation. Star ratings matter too – 49% want to see at least 4 before they’ll buy or book.

How to encourage your customers to write rave reviews

The more positive reviews you have, the better your averages and the more trustworthy you look. 1000 reviews are a lot better than 10.

Whenever you interact with customers, either online or in person, make sure they know their feedback and comments are valuable.

Give customers plenty to rave about, and you’ll start seeing those positive reviews rack up.

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What do you do with a bad review?

It happens! No matter how careful, polite, and fairly priced you are, mistakes are made and some people love looking for a reason to complain.

Pay attention to the details

Some critical reviews are an important wake-up call. It’s possible a member of your team is cutting corners, or some of your stock isn’t the best quality, and that’s given someone a legitimate reason to review you badly.

Decide how to respond

It’s entirely up to you how you respond to criticism. Some prefer to talk to the customer privately, others like to make sure other customers see them handling complaints well. Some businesses even like to make an example of unfair criticism, just like these restaurant owners! Be careful though, you could end up going viral.

Even if the reviewer is being rude or unreasonable, it’s usually better to stay calm and try not to take it too personally. Before you respond, take some time to cool down.

Make the most of your good ratings

If you’re on a popular review site (Trustpilot or Tripadvisor), show its data off on your website. Having an average rating of 9.5 is definitely something to shout about. People like to see reviews from sources they know and trust. Instead of making a fuss about testimonials you’ve uploaded yourself, advertise your objective reviews instead.

As long as your customers are happy, you should get plenty of glowing reviews.

Do you want to impress them even more with high quality stock, smart technology, or even a brand new look?

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