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How Business’ Can Make the Most of Longer Days

After a long and gloomy winter, it’s nice that the sun is now sticking around till after 7pm.  A US study found darker nights can see spending fall by 2.2% – 4.9%. Extra hours of daylight can improve spending and activity for local business owners. Here’s how you can make the most of it.

More Footfall, More Opportunities

More people enjoying the evening sunshine means more potential for your business. Bars and restaurants in particular can attract much more attention with signage, chalkboards, and weeknight offers. Salons and retailers can extend their opening hours so they look nice and busy, and make sure they have plenty of curb appeal for passersby. If you make a great visual impression, locals will remember you.

It’s also great for those people who work 9am – 5pm jobs. It gives them more opportunity to get things done after they finish, rather than having to cram everything into the weekend. People are no longer in a hurry to rush home and get snuggled up with some hot chocolate and cosy pyjamas.

Invigorate Your Outdoor Area

With longer daylight hours and progressively warmer evenings, diners and drinkers will be looking for comfortable outdoor spaces to enjoy themselves. We Brits have a skill for being able to get the most out of even a small burst of sunshine, and your pub, bar or restaurant needs to be the venue of choice.

Tidy up your outdoor area, jet wash patios clean, invest in new, comfortable furniture, and make sure you have functioning patio heaters for chillier evenings.

Update Your Menu

The days of wanting winter warmer classics are coming to an end, so your food and drinks menus should change accordingly. Springtime brings with it different seasonal produce and menu staples, and while we’re not quite in Pimms season yet, new cocktails with summery ingredients will start to get people into the spirit.

May’s seasonal produce includes asparagus, radishes, chicory, samphire, crab and lamb, while June includes strawberries, raspberries, broad beans, and a variety of fish dishes. By incorporating these ingredients into your menu, you’ll be supporting sustainable, British produce and investing in the best flavours.

Promote Your Most Spring-Appropriate Services

Some visit their local salon all year round, but others will be looking for spray tanning, waxing and pedicures just in time for sandal season or their next holiday. Promote these services – and some discounts – to your social media followers, newsletter subscribers, and your existing regular customers. Even 10% or 20% off can make a big difference to potential new customers, encouraging them to book with you rather than a local competitor.

If you need an injection of funds to prepare for warmer weather, get a quick quote from Capify. The application is quick and easy, and your business could qualify for between £3,500 and £500,000, depending on your monthly turnover.

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