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Every Business Can Use Facebook Marketing- Here’s How

Facebook is the most popular social networking site, and the majority of people in Britain and many other countries around the world have an account. In fact, according to the Washington Post, “every other person with internet on the planet uses the site actively.” This therefore means that there are millions of potential customers all accessible through one free platform – by using this tool to market your business, you may quickly see an increase in your profits and footfall. 82% of people think Facebook is a good place to interact with brands so if you aren’t already making the most of this amazing opportunity, here’s some tips on how you can!

Get a profile

It may seem obvious but in order to take full advantage of Facebook, you need to sit down and set up a business page. If you’ve got a personal account, you will know how easy this is to do. It takes no longer than a couple of minutes and then you are ready to get out there and gain some customers! In order to start, you have to use an existing account as the admin- so, log into your personal profile. Then, click the arrow on the far right of the top bar and select ‘create page’ which is featured in the drop down. Fill in your details and Voila! Your business is now Facebook official.

What Next?

Once your page is set up, it’s time to get some followers. It’s great that when people search for your business they will now be able to find you. Naturally, you will have regular customers and fans of your company that want to keep up to date with your page. However, you also want to market to people that don’t already know you. Now your Facebook is live, one simple way to spread the word is by including the details on your existing marketing material. Get some business cards printed with your Facebook address on and hand them out at exhibitions, and to anyone interested in your company. You can also include the link on your website, blog and emails, or you could put an advertisement in your shop window encouraging people to search for your company and approach you online.

Why not invite your friends and family to like the page too, this is a great feature on Facebook. Those close to you should have no problems supporting your business and endorsing it. As your followers start to increase, you should encourage them to like statuses and photos- this way your page will travel further and reach a wider audience. You can also pay for marketing on Facebook and it’s extremely flexible- as you choose the budget.

Facebook allows you to target your advertisements, so they will be seen by a specific audience. You can select the age group, the gender and location of those who you think would be most interested in your product or service, this way, only the most relevant people will see your boosted posts or ads.

Getting the Balance Right

Follow the 80/20 rule. 80% of your posts should be based around your industry but not necessarily your business and products. Fill your Facebook page with interesting news stories and statuses that you know the audience will be interested in. The remaining 20% should include the services you offer; maybe promote special deals, unusual opening times and any updates that are occurring with your premises, i.e. refurbishments.

Through balancing your profile in this way, you will keep your audience interested, without consistently hard selling. Did you know, question posts have a92% higher comment rate compared with non-question posts? You should ensure you incorporate these into your statuses to stimulate a response from your followers.


If any of your supporters write a comment, make sure you respond! It isn’t good practice to ignore the people who have taken time to ask you a question, or leave a review. Despite being busy running your company, it only takes a minute to reply, and demonstrating good customer service even on Facebook will show your dedication and present your business in a great way.

The same applies if someone has written something negative, reply in the most pleasant way possible and show understanding, by rectifying the problem you may win them back over, and earn yourself more customers who are impressed with the way you deal with difficulties.

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