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How to switch off from running your business

A survey revealed 50% of small business owners cancel social plans once a week to make time for work, and 25% have made themselves ill with stress. Mental health charity Mind have also found 1 in 4 suffer from mental illness because they struggle to balance work and life.

Taking time off, muting all communication, and mentally separating work and home can feel really difficult for small business owners, sometimes impossible. The commitment and energy required of small business owners can be tough, but without time to recover and enjoy the benefits of your business, you can burn out very quickly.

Set clear boundaries with yourself

The demands and pressures will persist, but the key to switching off is in your expectations. Set clear boundaries between what is and isn’t work time, and what’s an appropriate level of out-of-hours work. Communication should be for emergencies only, and it’s up to you to decide when you’re going to look at your unopened emails and when you’re going to allocate time to family, your social life, or just for yourself.

Work smart, not hard

Research suggests that we’re only thoroughly productive for just under 3 hours a day. This will vary depending on the person and their role, but it’s an interesting insight into how much of our working day could be better spent. Delegate to your team, consider time-saving apps and software, and take note of what constitutes productive and unproductive time.

Automate everything you can

Small business owners can now benefit from a variety of affordable, time-saving apps and services. This can make invoicing, email marketing, and producing staff rotas much easier and frees up your time. Look at which processes are eating into your time and look for tools that can take it off your hands – there’s usually a lot of subscriptions to choose from.

Allow yourself time off

Many business owners fear taking time away from their business, mainly because they feel powerless to fix problems and troubleshoot while they’re away. Taking a week’s holiday won’t be the reason your business goes under, as long as you prepare! Learning to separate yourself, put trust in your team, and reboot is vital, and can help you get back to business with new vigour.

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