How to Stick to Your New Year’s Business Resolutions
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How to Stick to Your New Year’s Business Resolutions

There’s something about the 1st January that inspires a lot of change. We love a fresh start and a blank page. Turning those optimistic resolutions into long-term change is the tricky part, however.

If you have big plans for your small business in 2019, it’s crucial your resolutions are a year-round priority. Here’s how to maintain good habits throughout the year, and stay flexible when you come up against inevitable challenges.

Set achievable daily goals

Nothing stops progress in its tracks like unreasonable expectations. If you’re not naturally organised, it’s too much to expect yourself to suddenly become a whizz at it. Instead of completely overhauling your approach, make it your mission to find software that does the job for you and keep it up to date every week.

A great free task management tool is called Trello. It’s so simple to use, and it will help you easily control your to-do lists.

By working on things that you want to become better at and making incremental positive changes, they’ll soon become routine for you.

Get your team involved

Most tasks are easier with support. If you have a small team, share your business resolutions with them and ask for their contributions. If your goal is to increase the value of every customer, they’re the best people to help you. As always, make sure you’re delegating and sharing the workload where appropriate. Shouldering all the effort makes it harder to meet your resolutions.

Don’t forget to dream big

Reasonable goals help you make lasting changes, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for bigger dreams. Whether you want to double your revenue, expand into new premises, or move into a brand new market, break them down and work towards them gradually.

The first step is identifying what you want. It might seem huge now, but in the next 12 months you could have ticked it off your list of ambitions.

Expect detours

Small business owners know better than anyone that life can be unpredictable. Things will get in the way of your 2019 resolutions, including last minute staff replacements, your day-to-day workload, and surprise expenses.

As long as you expect deviations, and keep your main priorities on track, you’ll stay focused.

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