Making Your Pub Business Family-Friendly for the Summer Holidays
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Making Your Pub Business Family-Friendly for the Summer Holidays

The Summer holidays offer a fantastic opportunity for your business; with whole families looking for entertainment, lunch, and somewhere to sit in the sun.

During the day, your pub could be the perfect rest stop or fun afternoon. Here’s how to make it happen and attract new customers!

Create a child-friendly menu (without sacrificing the grown-up options!)

Food options need to suit everyone. Parents want affordable meals their kids will actually eat and enjoy, but they also want lots of choice for themselves. Keep the menu varied, focus on quality ingredients, and keep service fast and simple.

Eating out as a family can be pricey too, so discounts and 2-for-1 deals will go down very well. If you’re near a main road or popular walking route, advertise offers in a good spot to catch people at lunchtime.

Make your outdoor space comfy and welcoming

Beer gardens might turn into noisy smoking areas at night, but they can be quite different on a sunny afternoon.

Families will look for signs that a pub is going to welcome them and their kids. A comfortable, tidy outdoor area will instantly create the right kind of atmosphere. Clean chairs and tables, no ashtrays, flowers, plants, and enticing menus. If you have access to a green space with room to run around, even better! 

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Become dog-friendly

When dogs are allowed in, lots of people follow. 

A friendly ‘Dogs welcome’ sign will make dining and drinking much easier for families on a day out. All you need to do is provide some fresh water!

Host a whole day of games & activities

Even the most creative and proactive parent starts to run out of summer holiday ideas by mid-August (or potentially even earlier!) Host an event and you’ll help them fill at least one day with activity. 

Games, a BBQ, a bouncy castle, entertainment, cheap prices – it will go down well with all ages.

Bonus! If you make a good impression, parents will come back to your pub without the kids.

Summer is a busy time for pub owners, and drinkers aren’t the only valuable customers. If you want to attract more families during the summer holidays, this is exactly how to do it.

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