How to Make Your Business Eco-Friendly: Save Money AND The Planet
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How to Make Your Business Eco-Friendly: Save Money AND The Planet

It’s common knowledge that the planet is struggling to cope with the pollution we cause, and unfortunately, we can all be held responsible for contributing to it. However, we can soon put right our past mistakes by promoting a greener globe and making daily changes.

As a business owner, you can ultimately make any decision that concerns your company, so why not read on to find out how you can become more energy efficient? Not only will this have a great impact on the environment, it will also save you money in the long run.


Lighting can make a huge difference to your business and its energy consumption.

If you haven’t already, why not invest in some motion sensors. If the sensors fail to pick up movement in your office, any lights within the area will be switched off automatically. This is, of course, great for the environment, and means you don’t have to rely on your staff to control energy consumption. With this technology, you will also save money on your bills as electricity use will be drastically reduced.

Eco-gadgets such as these can come at a price, however, they’re a long term investment that will save you money once in effect, and keep on saving you money for years to come.


This might sound obvious, but recycling can have a very positive impact on your business and its reputation. Even if you think your company is already pretty good at recycling, you might be surprised by how wasteful it is.

Bins are a must, and in order for them to be most effective you must make sure they are clearly labelled so people can actually use them. Your employees need to be able to identify where they should put leftover food, where they should throw away scrap paper, and even where to put those obscure items that can’t be recycled. Any visitors to your office will no doubt be impressed with your company’s organisation and productivity.

Become paperless

If you actually did an audit of the amount of paper that’s used in your office, you’d probably find that a remarkable amount is unnecessary print outs and waste. Not only is this costing you a fortune in ink and paper, it’s increasing your company’s carbon footprint by the day.

Encourage staff to make sure what what they’re printing is really necessary, encourage presentations that are digital-only, and when they do need to print, print double-sided. It’s a good idea to make sure that your paper recycling bins are right next to your printer too – people are much more likely to use them if they’re easy and accessible. No one will walk up a flight of stairs to recycle

Each year, our nation uses 12.5 million tonnes of paper. If these materials are left to rot, rather than going through the recycling process, a serious amount of harmful greenhouse gases are released. Wasting paper is also detrimental to the world’s forests, and the nature that inhabits them.

By doing this you are ensuring that you inspire more than just your employees to recycle, but partners too.


Incentives are a fantastic way to boost morale in the office, and they can help with team-building and increasing motivation. You could introduce a cycling and walking incentive, where people earn rewards or bonuses for getting to and from work without relying on their car. By promoting this, pollution will be decreased and you might actually find your employees have more energy too, a benefit of regular exercise. It’s win-win.

You could also endorse car sharing, where people can offer to pick up others on the way to work. Not only will this cut down on car emissions, it will also make your employees closer, creating a great working environment and positive atmosphere in your office.

Sustainability is an increasingly sought-after achievement within business, so much so that The Guardian has a whole awards evening dedicated to it. The Guardian Sustainable Business Awards is now in its 5th year and celebrates the best eco-friendly companies. Could yours be a winner next year?

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