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Make Your Business Bigger & Better: Focus on Customer Service

No matter what day it is or what mood you wake up in, customer service is priority number one! If you offer good service, your customers will keep spending their money and spreading the word about your business.

The way you speak to and serve your customers can always be improved on. Here are 6 ways to handle complaints like a pro, keep your team on the same page, and make your small business memorable for all the right reasons.

Get the basics right

Customer service in high street chains is often a bit hit and miss – your small business can definitely do better. Pleases, thank yous, and an authentic smile are really easy ways to show your customers that you care.

Remember your regulars and what they like

You can strengthen your relationships with regular customers by taking note of their preferences and making personal recommendations. That one-to-one attention is why people go to local businesses, and an extra bit of attention doesn’t go unnoticed.

Listen to complaints (even when you don’t want to)

Negative comments are hard to hear, but even the most conscientious business owners will have to deal with a few. Most customers are reluctant to make a fuss, but sometimes you’ll come across a forthright buyer. It’s important to hear them out, often they just want to be listened to and understood, so if you can provide that you’ll be able to resolve most problems.

Try and keep emotion out of it

When it’s your business being criticised, complaints and even under-enthusiastic comments can feel personal. Remember to stay objective and keep calm. If you find it hard to distance yourself, hold onto all the great feedback you receive and keep it at the front of your mind.

Show your staff how it’s done

If you want your staff to handle complaints in a particular way, set out some guidelines and expectations and make sure you’re following them too. You’ll incentivise your team even more if you reward them for taking initiative or handling a particularly tricky situation well.

You should also set an example with your high-quality customer service, employees will be eager to follow your lead.

Be clear about what customers can expect

Timings, prices, logistics; it’s all important stuff. If your customers know exactly how long things take, what they cost, and what the service includes, they’ll feel more secure. Setting expectations you know you can meet keeps things consistent, makes complaints far less likely, and cements your reputation as a straightforward and reliable business to deal with.

 Customer service is tough for all kinds of reasons, but really rewarding when your customers are satisfied. Keep adapting and paying attention, and you’ll maintain a loyal customer base.

We pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service at Capify.

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