How to Keep Your Pub or Bar Profitable During Quiet Periods
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How to Keep Your Pub or Bar Profitable During Quiet Periods

Every pub and bar has its peak periods, whether it’s Sunday lunch service or before midnight on a Saturday. Sometimes those busy times make up for a lack of footfall on other days, but some business owners can find themselves struggling with cash flow if they don’t keep a steady influx of customers coming through their doors.

Here are some smart ways to make the most of quiet days and maximise your profits regardless.

Create Compelling Offers

If people aren’t visiting your pub or bar on weeknights in particularly great numbers, you could introduce big offers to attract both diners and drinkers. People will need a bit of a push to go for drinks on a Monday, so discounts on bottles of wine, 2 for 1 cocktails, and a percentage off meals will make you an affordable destination of choice.

Not everyone works the generic Monday to Friday 9am-6pm, so a day midweek could actually mean the start of someones days off.

Improve Your Curb Appeal

Atmosphere is just as important as menu options, what people see from the outside will either encourage them in or keep them walking. Repaint, jet wash patios, upgrade your outdoor furniture, and keep the theme of your venue consistent. The winter months are very harsh on plantlife and both wooden and metal furniture, so you might need to invest in replacements if they’re looking shabby.

Publicise Events and Offers Using Social Media

If you can’t rely on footfall, bring the people in another way. If you’ve got an existing social media presence, you already have an audience waiting for offers, events, and information. Tailor the content to your audience and keep it focused on what’s different about your pub or bar.

Make the Most of the Downtime

If you’ve been planning a renovation of your premises, choosing a quiet period can minimise your losses and build some anticipation for your reopening. Depending on the extent of the work needed, you could close for just a few days and reopen for a busy Friday night with a brand new look.

Show Sporting Events… and Not Just Football!

Football is often assumed to be the most popular sport in the UK, but there are plenty of cricket, American football, tennis and golf fans out there too. If you’re already paying for sports channel subscriptions for your punters, make the most of them and host themed events for different international sports tournaments and competitions. If you’re the only pub for miles around showing these games, even better!

Pitch Your Story to the Local Press

One of the best forms of publicity is coverage in your local press. If you’re reopening, hosting an event, or doing something a little bit different, send an email to a local, relevant journalist to invite them down. No matter what the size of the readership, they’re local and they’re the most important people to get in front of.

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