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How to Introduce Card Payments at Your Business

Britain is an increasingly cashless society, so the option of chip and PIN or contactless is a really appealing prospect for paying customers. Over £2 billion is processed through card payments in the UK every day.

If you have to turn customers away with a ‘cash only’ sign, you’re potentially losing a lot of business. With a card terminal, you can take payments out of usual business hours, you don’t need to deposit or store large amounts of cash, and you can even take payments over the phone. It’s easier for your customers, and it’s a lot easier for you too.

Introducing card payments doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming, here’s how to do it.

Find the Best Terminal Service for You

There are a host of comparison sites and terminal services available for small businesses that want to take card payments. Inevitably, there will be a Merchant Service Charge (MSC), depending on the type of card and issuer. There may also be a set-up fee, or a monthly/annual subscription charge.

Research different services and find out which is going to be the most affordable long-term. Ideally, look for the most flexible payment solution, so you’ll only repay as money comes into your business.

Choose the Type of Terminal Your Business Needs

Your business can use counter top machines, mobile machines, or portable machines. Portable machines use wireless technology, as well as UK-wide network coverage, to ensure you can take payments anywhere within your premises. Mobile machines can be taken outside of your business, so the ideal choice if you’re planning to trade from pop-up shops and different locations.

If you’re a retailer or salon, where customers pay at reception, you may not need a portable machine, but a restaurant would need multiple portable card terminals so payment can be taken at the table.

Check You’ll Get Support if Things Go Wrong

If you have a problem with your card terminals and can’t process payments, it could have a negative impact on your profits.

Your terminal provider needs to offer 24/7 online and phone support, so they can troubleshoot whether it’s 9am or 10pm. The longer your terminal is unavailable, the longer you’re going to have to reinstate that ‘cash only’ sign and turn away customers with cards.

Consider Becoming Mobile Payment Compatible

If you’re going to introduce a card terminal for contactless payments, you should also think about whether or not your business would benefit from taking mobile and wearable payments. To do this, your card terminal needs to accept NFC payments, not just contactless payments.

United Merchant Services

Capify partners with United Merchant Services, a leading card terminal provider. The company offers a range of state of the art machines, from counter top to mobile. If you currently accept credit and debit cards, but feel like you should be paying less – the company offers a free rate review where you can can find out how much you can save by switching your provider. Alternatively, if you’ve never had a card terminal but want to introduce them in your business, the friendly and helpful staff will guide you through the process and help you choose the best option.