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How to Get Your Business Ready for St Patrick’s Day

St Patrick’s Day is coming up on the 17th March, and many will be out celebrating whether they’re of Irish descent or not. Some would assume it’s mainly Irish pubs that can cash in, but pretty much any kind of business can find a way to celebrate St Patrick’s Day and bring in more customers.

Take Advantage of Local Parades and Festivals

Manchester’s St Patrick’s Day parade is held on the Sunday after St Patrick’s Day this year, and attracts around 40,000 people every year. Towns and cities including Nottingham, Newcastle, Leeds and London all host St Patrick’s Day events and parades.

Local retailers, restaurants, bars and pubs should look beyond just the 17th March and also consider the number of visitors to their local area during the weekend. After the parade, plenty of people will be looking for Irish-themed pubs and bars to visit, or they might just be ready to do some shopping after the day’s celebrations. Make sure they know you’re open with plenty of signage and promotion near the parade route.

Theme Your Products and Services

Even if there isn’t a local parade, decorating and theming with plenty of green shamrocks will bring in a keen St Patrick’s Day audience. Bars, pubs and restaurants could customise their usual playlist to include famous Irish artists and traditional music, and Guinness or whiskey themed cocktails will go down very well.

People will be less likely to pay you a visit if they can’t see any sign of life. Put your offers on a chalkboard outside, flyer the local area, and post about it on social media. You could even offer a free drink to those who come dressed in green from head-to-toe. Just make sure you’ve got plenty of barrels of Guinness down in the cellar though, running out would be a disaster…

Partner Up With Other Local Businesses

A joint effort goes further. Team up with another local small business and cross-promote on the run-up to St Patrick’s Day. A beauty salon offering shamrock nail designs would be in a perfect position to give out drinks vouchers and discounts for a nearby venue. If a restaurant or bar is doing a St Patrick’s Day prize draw, offer to add something to the giveaway that promotes your business well.

It’s Not All About Having a Wild Night Out

The key to making a seasonal occasion a success for your business is appealing to your particular audience. If a raucous St Patrick’s Day party wouldn’t suit your usual clientele, you can find ways to adopt the theme without putting anyone off.

A more genteel event for bars and pubs to consider is an Irish whiskey tasting. Retailers should consider stocking speciality Irish brands, or produce their very own green-themed products to mark the occasion.

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