How to Get Your Business Ready for Halloween and Bonfire Night
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How to Get Your Business Ready for Halloween and Bonfire Night

It often feels like the months and weeks fly by – especially for business owners. Summer melts into autumn, and then you have a massive to-do list to tick off by Christmas. Before December though, there are two smaller – but still very profitable – occasions to plan for.

Halloween and Bonfire Night are just days apart, and full of potential business. In 2018, half of us spent money on Halloween, adding up to £419 million. According to a big, national survey, “money is most likely to be spent on chocolate and sweets, decorations and fancy dress.”

It might be early September, but it’s time to plan!

Stock up on spooky (but small!) purchases

Current research shows 17% spend £26-50 on Halloween party planning, and about a quarter spend £10-25. Unlike Christmas, when the average British household spends £500 more than their usual household budget in December, people don’t usually put aside a huge budget for this time of year.

That means smaller, affordable items, including decorations, novelties, sweets, and costumes, will be popular. Retailers, cafés, restaurants, and bars can go to town with this, adapting their range of products and menu items to appeal to those keen to spend a bit extra on something spooky or autumnal. Pumpkin spiced hot chocolate, anyone?

Appeal to parents

85% of parents with kids under five spend money on Halloween. When Bonfire night comes around soon after, parents will also be looking for decorations, sweet treats, and safe fireworks. 

Products and services aimed at children will be chosen and paid for by their parents, so it’s important to speak to both. Keep your environment family friendly, with lots of decorations and fun. To get ahead of competitors and do something a bit different to the supermarket chains, advertise special offers, sustainable materials, unique items, and make buying convenient.


Halloween and Bonfire Night are full of inspiration. Any type of business can make their shopping or serving environment more welcoming, fun, and unique. This appeals to all kinds of people, from kids to their parents, and even grown ups who just love this time of year. 

Shoppers are much more likely to see you as a vibrant, interesting business if you decorate, otherwise you could stand out for all the wrong reasons because you haven’t put the effort in. Decorating is essential, particularly if you’re actively pushing Halloween and Bonfire Night products and services. 

People will definitely stop when they pass you in the street.

Host an event that brings the crowds in

As well as shopping, families are looking for things to do around Halloween and Bonfire Night. Pubs, cafes, restaurants, and retailers can host parties, advertise new menus, and family-friendly bonfires and fireworks displays with games, snacks for sale, and even a winter barbeque. 

This is a clever way to keep people spending, improve profits when families are actively looking for fun things to do, and encourage people to keep coming back at other times of year. 

Make sure there’s plenty to do, see, and eat. And definitely make sure there’s some spider web and pumpkin face painting on offer!

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