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How to Drive Positive Change in Your Small Business

Whether you’ve been in business for 1 year or 20, you’ll always have plans to drive your business forward.

It’s very difficult for business owners to do it all, but with the right balance of marketing, advertising, and customer service, you can continue to grow your business consistently for years to come.

Choose your marketing channels

A scattergun approach to marketing is unlikely to get fantastic results. Be specific about who you target and where you target them. It could be email marketing, sponsored posts on Facebook, leafleting, or Google Adwords. To choose, consider where your potential customers spend their time, ask questions, and browse.

Respond to reviews (even critical ones!)

When it comes to reserving a table, choosing a specialist retailer, or booking a hotel, customers can browse hundreds of reviews before they make up their mind.

Having positive reviews is obviously key, but so is responding to them. This demonstrates you’re interested in what your customers think, and are actively making steps to either thank them or address their comments.

Keep your interior up to date

Aesthetics aren’t just superficial – they have a massive impact on how your customers feel, and how they interact with your business. Even just keeping the paintwork fresh, and updating furniture when it starts to look tired, can make a huge difference. Customers appreciate a comfortable environment, and will acknowledge the effort you’ve made in custom, reviews, and tips.

Maintain your online presence

Not having a website isn’t really an option for customer service businesses. People go straight to Google when they’re searching for a particular business, and it’s vital you have some kind of presence in the results. Tools like Squarespaceand Wix make it easy and relatively affordable to build a professional, well-designed website, without needing a designer or web developer.

Be smart with social media

Your online presence extends to social media too. People want to see inside your business, what’s on the menu, and how your cocktails are made. They want to know your story and how your products are made. Show them, and they’re more likely to come through the door.

Offer something your competitors don’t

Every customer service business is unique – one Italian restaurant is distinct from another a couple of towns away. Demonstrate this with your menu, your customer service, and those little extras, which count for a lot. Your customers will remember you and keep coming back if they like the experience.

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